How do I Choose the Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets?

Erin J. Hill

When cost is an issue, and you're looking for cheap kitchen cabinets, shopping around will be important. When conducting your own price comparison, make sure you check out every option offered by local retailers, online retailers, and wholesale clubs. You may have to visit several stores to find the best price.

In a modular kitchen, inexpensive cabinets bought online often consist of pre-made cabinet parts that homeowners can install without having to call a professional.
In a modular kitchen, inexpensive cabinets bought online often consist of pre-made cabinet parts that homeowners can install without having to call a professional.

Cheap kitchen cabinets do not have to be of poor quality. Often, retailers will have promotions with special sales prices on certain items or you may be able to get a more basic design for a lower price than something with ornate detailing. When shopping around, ask the sales person about payment options they have available, and about any discounted items they may have.

You may also find cheap kitchen cabinets by accepting merchandise that is less than perfect. Often times a cabinet with a ding on the corner or a small scratch may be reduced by hundreds of dollars. In many cases, these imperfections are unnoticeable, allowing you to get good quality cabinets for a fraction of the original cost.

If there aren't any sales around, and you don’t want to purchase damaged items, then decide on a price range for yourself and see what each store has to offer. Of the items you find, compare them carefully to make the best decision. Materials, manufacturers, styles, and sizes are all things that can affect price. In terms of longevity, it is generally best to pick an option that is made from better materials even if it is not your first choice style-wise. If style is of the utmost importance, however, pick the option that is most aesthetically pleasing.

Another option for obtaining cheap kitchen cabinets is to make your own. If you have any handyman skills at all and can read a how-to manual, it may be a good option for you. More often than not, buying the materials you will need to make your own cabinets is less expensive than buying them ready made. This is not taking into account labor hours, however, so make sure you enjoy working with your hands, and have the time to spare, before considering this option.

Sometimes you may also be able to find cheap kitchen cabinets by talking to local contractors and builders who renovate houses in the area. Often, they will remove cabinets that are still in working order to remodel a home. If you ask, they just might give them to you very cheap or even free of charge. This is a great option where available, especially for lower income buyers.

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I'd suggest to have ready to assemble cabinets because it offers the perfect solution for anyone looking to save money on their kitchen renovation. They do vary in quality, so it's always best to do your homework and check out what you're buying before parting with your hard earned cash.

By having such extensive savings with these cheaper cabinets, you'll have more left in the budget for appliances, accessories and decor to give you the dream kitchen you've long waited for.


Has anyone ever ordered cheap kitchen cabinets online? Some of the best prices I have seen have been online, but this makes me a little nervous.

The shipping cost is quite a bit and if I don't like them, or something is wrong, I don't think it would be very convenient to replace them. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this and if it turned out the way you expected it would.


My son works for a local builder and most people would probably be surprised at the things that get thrown away. Many times when they are renovating a house, they will just throw away whatever they take out of the house, no matter what kind of condition it is in.

I was able to get some used kitchen cabinets that looked like they had barely been used. They were exactly what I had been looking for, and I was so excited when my son told me about them.

Most people might not have an opportunity like this, but there are a lot of things like great kitchen cabinets that get thrown away just because they don't have a home to go to.


My husband is a woodworker, so when we were talking about remodeling our kitchen, he planned on making our kitchen cabinets. This way we could update our kitchen cabinets for a cheap price.

Since this is something he enjoys doing, we knew this would save us a lot of money. We would still get quality kitchen cabinets, at a much cheaper cost.

The only problem is, my husband doesn't have a lot of extra time on his hands. While this was a good idea, I am still waiting for my kitchen cabinets, and am just about ready to go out and buy some.


I have four kids, so anything I buy for my home takes quite a bit of abuse. When we were looking to replace our kitchen cabinets, I had no problem buying some cabinets that were not perfect.

I figured after a few months in my house, they would like like that anyway, so I was excited about saving so much money on the cabinets upfront. Someday I will buy myself some expensive kitchen cabinets, but for this time in my life, this was a perfect solution.

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