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How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Headphones?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

If you are looking for cheap headphones, you should think about the different styles of headphones and additional features or hardware you may want. You should look at both in-ear headphones as well as full headphones that can fit over your head and include ear cups. There may also be opportunities for you to buy headphones at a price that is cheaper than normal, by watching for sales and other offers in which headphones are sold for less than full price. You may also want to think about what you consider to be “cheap headphones,” as prices can vary quite a bit.

Cheap headphones are headphones, which can come in a number of different styles, available at a fairly low price. You might consider full headphones and in-ear headphones, as you can find different styles for a wide range of prices. These styles are offered by a number of different manufacturers, so you should do some research about different businesses that make headphones and understand which manufacturers are typically considered to be the best. You may be able to find cheap headphones offered by a company of high enough quality that they are better than more expensive headphones made by another manufacturer.

Cheap headphones.
Cheap headphones.

There may also be opportunities for you to find headphones on sale at a certain retailer, though they are significantly more expensive at other retailers. You should watch for these types of sales, and if you are interested in a particular set of headphones, you should compare sellers to find them at the cheapest price possible. Some headphones may also be more expensive because they include optional features like a retractable cord, adapters for different media players, or multiple earpieces. You can find cheap headphones by looking for those that meet your needs and do not include these types of optional features you do not want or need.


One thing you should keep in mind when it comes to cheap headphones is what you consider to be “cheap.” There are some sets of headphones that cost well over $1,000 US Dollars (USD), which means a set of headphones that cost $100 USD may be considered cheap in comparison. Your sense of “cheap” may be very different from someone else’s, so you should have a target amount you want to spend in mind as you look at different headphones. You might also look for older headphones that used to be more expensive, but which now cost less as new models have been introduced.

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It seems like the headphones I wear most of the time really take a beating, so I don't spend much money for those that I use with my Ipod.

I like to use them when I am running or exercising and they get tossed around in my gym bag quite a bit. I know there are other headphones available where I would get better sound quality, but when you are moving around all the time, you don't get the best quality anyway.

I do keep a more expensive pair at home to use for other activities. I always try to keep these separate from those that I use while exercising so I know that I always have at least one good pair of headphones.


It seems like I am always looking for cheap headphones because a pair of headphones never seems to stick around very long at my house.

Between myself and the kids who are always looking for their headphones, I have a hard time spending much money on a quality pair of headphones only to have them disappear after a short period of time.

I have found that they are not nearly as interested in the full headphones as they are the in-ear ones.

Either way, I usually buy mine at Target. I have even seen them at some of the dollar stores. I don't know what the quality is like, but it wouldn't hurt to have a few pairs of them around.


Hi, thank you for this information. I have some birthday money left over, it's not a lot but I think it's enough to get headphones.

I don't know much about electronics, what are some basic qualities a headphone should have?


@ysmina-- You know you don't necessarily have to put up with lower quality and poor sound just because you don't want to pay more or can't afford more.

I recommend buying headphones from bidding sites because if you win the item before the bid goes up, you can get very good quality headphones for much cheaper.

Also, you should check online sites and stores that feature a daily or weekly item for a minimum cost. I bought an excellent pair of headphones in one of those deals, it works great.

A friend of mine got his during the Thanksgiving sales. Granted, he was up at 5am waiting in front of the store, but he paid something like 1/5th of the regular price.


I listen to music all the time and I don't know if it's because of the way I use them or how often I use them but no headphone lasts very long with me. Even the expensive ones stop working or the wires get messed up in a couple of months.

That's why I've decided that I'll only buy cheap headphones. The sound quality might not be as good as higher priced ones but since it only lasts so long, I don't want to waste my money.

I first tried the electronics retailer I usually buy them from but I was not impressed by the selection of cheap headphones there. I looked online, and there were so many more choices and brands available. I have bought two online and I'm really happy with how it works.


One of the best way to choose cheap headphones is to just go by their style. I've bought dozens of pairs of cheap headphones over the years, and honestly, the quality is all about the same. I now just get a pair that looks good and is comfortable.

If you are really lucky you can get a more expensive pair on sale at one of the big box stores. Usually these headphones are a lot more solid and tend to fit your head better. I find that with the cheaper headphones you just don't get much for your money, they are all so flimsy.

Also, if you can, get cheap headphones with a warranty. You will need to replace them, and at least it'll be free.


Choosing cheap headphones can be tricky because a lot of them don't have the best sound. I used to just pick up cheap earbud headphones at the dollar store near my house and they were usually suitable. I'm afraid if you want the best quality sound though that you have to pay for it.

From my experience the best cheap headphones are simply the ones that keep OK sound the longest. I find cheap headphones die very quickly. Often one headphone will stop working and you get stuck pinching the cord so that both will function. Perhaps it's best to buy a few pairs so you have one on hand when the other pair starts to lose sound quality.

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    • Cheap headphones.
      Cheap headphones.
    • Headphones.
      By: Artistic Endeavor
    • Joggers who listen to music might buy cheap headphones that can be easily replaced as sweat deteriorates them.
      By: AntonioDiaz
      Joggers who listen to music might buy cheap headphones that can be easily replaced as sweat deteriorates them.
    • The price range for headphones may vary between $100 USD to as much as $1000 USD.
      By: Warren Goldswain
      The price range for headphones may vary between $100 USD to as much as $1000 USD.