How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Eyeliner?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson
Eyeliner is commonly used to highlight the eyes.
Eyeliner is commonly used to highlight the eyes.

Using cheap eyeliner can be a perfect way to keep looking pretty and put-together on a budget. College women and other women with a limited income typically love being able to still buy various colors and types of cheap eyeliner without having to worry about spending too much money. Many women also turn to cheap eyeliner for use before or after stops at the gym or other situations where multiple applications would make using expensive eyeliner impractical.

Keep in mind that the term "cheap" is relative. You don't have to go to the absolute bottom of the barrel unless you choose to. In the makeup world, where some products can easily cut a sizable chunk out of a paycheck, even middle-range eyeliner can be a much better deal than higher priced brands. Frequently, the ingredients do not vary by all that much, and many women barely notice a difference between eyeliners that are very far apart in price. The exception might be with expensive eyeliners that offer extra-long-lasting or smudge-proof formulas.

Also, remember other costs that may affect your decision of which cheap eyeliner is best. An eyeliner pencil sharpener will be a necessary one-time purchase if you choose to go with a regular pencil eyeliner, and you also might need eyeshadow as a base to help the liner stay in place longer. Liquid eyeliner stays on longer but is often more difficult to remove with just cleanser and warm water, so you may need makeup remover and cotton balls for the end of the day. Gel eyeliner sometimes requires a separate applicator or brush that is not included with the eyeliner. You may also want to experiment with different colors of any type of eyeliner to see which best matches your eye color and skin tone.

The best way to find out which eyeliner is right for you is probably to try out several different brands of cheap eyeliner over a period of time. One brand may go on easier, look more attractive, or stay on longer without smudging than other brands. That one advantage alone can help you make up your mind about which type of cheap eyeliner is the best. Trying out several brands may mean you have to buy multiple eyeliner pens and pencils at first, but the extra price will be worth it once you have decided on the kind that works best for you.

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    • Eyeliner is commonly used to highlight the eyes.
      By: cedrov
      Eyeliner is commonly used to highlight the eyes.