How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Embroidery?

Kay Paddock

Embroidery is the process of using thread to create designs on fabric. Once done only by hand, embroidery can now be done by machines that create commercial embroidery and even designs done by many people who sew at home. Machine embroidery is generally used for such things as company shirts, caps or other items that will bear designs including logos, last names or initials. To find cheap embroidery, look for budget options on the choice of clothing items and designs. Buying in larger orders rather than small ones will also usually lower the cost per item, though the overall order cost will go up.

Companies using industrial embroidery machines may be a cheaper option for buying in bulk.
Companies using industrial embroidery machines may be a cheaper option for buying in bulk.

Commercial embroidery can be done on items that are purchased from the company doing the embroidery, though some small companies may let you provide the clothing when you order. Most businesses that do custom cheap embroidery have shirts, jackets, caps and other items that you choose when you order your custom job. If you find a business that allows you to supply the clothing items, you may be able to save money since you should be paying only for the logos themselves. Be aware that many will not do this because their machines are calibrated for the materials they provide, making it easier to do a quality job. To get cheap embroidery, compare prices on the shirts and other items to find the company that offers these for less.

Embroidery is the craft of creating decorative patterns with thread.
Embroidery is the craft of creating decorative patterns with thread.

The thread choices for your cheap embroidery are typically between polyester and rayon. There could be a slight price difference between types, but bear in mind that rayon usually creates a smoother, shinier design. Most businesses also have several cheap embroidery patterns available for you to choose from. If you choose one of their stock designs instead of creating your own, your order will almost always cost less, even if you add a bit of custom work, such as lettering, to the ready-made designs.

Cheap custom embroidery can cost even less if you order several items instead of just a few. Typically the price per item drops as more are ordered. If you think you will need only a few items, it may be less expensive to have a skilled seamstress do them in hand embroidery. You may not even be able to get cheap embroidery from a company if you only need a handful of items.

If you think you will regularly need embroidered items and you know how to use a sewing machine, you may want to look into cheap embroidery machines. These will let you do the embroidery yourself as you need it. Most machines can be programmed with certain designs and letters, so you can make as few as you need without the higher price of custom work.

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@heavanet- You make a very good point. Since businesses that do embroidery make money on quantity, they usually give discounts for big jobs. Anyone requiring this type of work should ask for a group discount if one is not listed at the embroidery business, because most shops will be happy to give one when working on multiple items.

Embroidery shops also frequently give discounts to groups that are associated with churches, charities, or schools. All businesses that do embroidery have different price policies, so it never hurts to ask about available discounts.


I have found that if you need to have embroidery done, the more items you have the better the deal. This is especially handy if you have clothing for a team or group that requires embroidered names or logos. The best deal available will be when the embroidery company can do a bulk job.

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