How Do I Choose the Best Chain Harrow?

Dan Cavallari

Before you purchase a chain harrow, it is best to determine whether it is the right tool for you. Several types of harrows exist, and each one serves a different purpose. A chain harrow is generally used for light-duty applications to break up clumps of dirt and remove debris from a plot of soil. If you need your harrow to do heavier-duty jobs, the chain version is probably not the right choice. If, however, this is definitely the right tool for you, it will be important to consider how you will be pulling the device as well as what size harrow you need.

A chain harrow is needed to smooth out baseball fields.
A chain harrow is needed to smooth out baseball fields.

A chain harrow is usually manufactured as a large mat that features a metal frame at one end for stability. The frame may be attached to a chain that can be hooked up to a tractor or ATV, while others may feature ropes or chains that must be pulled by hand. Still others are mounted to a sturdier steel frame that will raise and lower as necessary from the connection point on a tractor or ATV. Determine how you will be pulling the mat to start narrowing down your choice for a chain harrow, as well as how large of a plot of land you will be covering with the mat.

Large chain harrows need to be pulled by a tractor.
Large chain harrows need to be pulled by a tractor.

The size of the chain harrow will largely depend on how large of a space you need to cover. Sizes can range from very small for handheld mats, to exceptionally large for mats that will be hauled by a tractor. Larger mats usually cannot be pulled by hand too effectively, since the weight of the steel harrow will prevent the user from having much control over it. Small mats are best for handheld use, and these harrows are suitable for home use or small applications on farms or even baseball fields.

If you intend to drive a vehicle to tow the harrows, and if you are going to drive over areas that do not need harrowing while the attachment is on the tractor, you may want to consider mounted chain harrow models. Such harrows are mounted within a steel frame that can be raised or lowered from the driver's seat of the towing vehicle, usually a tractor with a power take-off (PTO). That way, if you drive over an area that does not need to be harrowed, or over a paved surface that can damage the tool, you can simply raise the device off the ground.

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