How Do I Choose the Best Cellulite Lotion?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Cellulite lotion.
Cellulite lotion.

If you are interested in reducing the appearance of cellulite, there are a number of medicated lotions that can help you with this. Before you choose a cellulite lotion, it can be helpful to know how long it might take to notice results. You may also want to know how and when you should apply this beauty lotion. Caffeine and retinol are two ingredients often used in cellulite remedies, so a product that contains these could be a good choice.

Many brands boast that they can be useful for getting rid of cellulite, but this is not the case. A cellulite lotion can reduce the appearance of this condition but cannot eliminate it altogether because heredity, diet, and exercise also play a role in its development. Avoid beauty lotions that make outrageous claims about getting rid of cellulite, especially if the product claims to do so after only one or two applications.

A cellulite lotion may give noticeable results in as little as 30 minutes, while other brands may take several hours. It is good to know approximately how long you may need to wait before you see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. This is especially true if you are buying this beauty lotion for a special occasion, such as a beach trip. You may be able to find this out by reading the product label, but keep in mind this information is only a guide because results may vary from one individual to the next.

While you are reading the product label, take note of the ingredients that are listed. Caffeine and retinol are two ingredients often found in cellulite lotion because they help break up fat cells and also tighten the skin. Other ingredients that could be helpful may include soy and green tea, especially if you are interested in a natural beauty lotion. Additional fragrance or colorings are not needed and in fact may be harmful to your skin, so avoid these if possible.

A cellulite lotion may be applied much like other types of beauty lotion, or it could be placed on a damp washcloth and then used as a scrub. You may prefer one method of application over another, so it is beneficial to know how the product is used. Some medicated lotions need to be applied once or twice during the day, while others should be used at bedtime. This information can help you decide, because applying beauty lotion at certain times may be inconvenient for you to do.

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    • Cellulite lotion.
      Cellulite lotion.