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How Do I Choose the Best Cello Stand?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza

To choose the best cello stand, you should think about how you want to use it, where you want to use it, and what style you want it to have. Cello stands can be used for multiple purposes and in different ways. Where you plan on using your cello stand will have a great bearing on what kind is best for you because it will affect what optional features you want. The last consideration in choosing your cello stand will be style. While style does not necessarily change how you use a stand, it can affect how much you enjoy it.

Some stands are made specifically for cellos and no other instruments. If you plan to use your stand only for a cello, one of these stands will be best for your purpose. If you think that you might want to use your stand for an instrument other than just a cello, you should look for one that can accommodate different types of instruments. Look for a stand that can hold a guitar, bass, or other instruments in addition to a cello if you think you would benefit from this flexibility.

Man playing a guitar
Man playing a guitar

Think about where you intend to use your cello stand. If you intend to use it in a room where you have plenty of space and want it to serve as a display as well as a functional item, you would probably be happiest with a large wooden stand. This type of stand can be beautiful and decorative but is not meant to be moved to different places.

If you need a cello stand that can be moved from room to room or transported to and from concerts, lessons and practices, look for one that is made out of a lightweight metal and that can be completely broken down and folded up. If you aren't going to be transporting your stand a lot but would like to have the option to, there are also stands that offer a happy medium. Look for a metal stand that can fold up but is a little more substantial and sturdy than the very lightest, smallest models.

Once you have narrowed down which type of cello stand works the best for you, think about what style you like. If you are choosing one of the large wooden stands, be sure to consider what color of wood you like and what will match the room where you intend to use it. Many of these stands feature decorative designs in the wood, so pay attention to which ones you like most. If you are getting a portable metal stand, the style choices are a bit simpler, but you might still want to consider what color and finish you prefer.

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    • Man playing a guitar
      Man playing a guitar