How Do I Choose the Best Ceiling Tile Paint?

Maggie Worth
Maggie Worth
Ceiling tile paint.
Ceiling tile paint.

Choosing the best ceiling tile paint involves understanding the needs of your project and finding the paint that best meets those needs. Primary considerations include the type and location of the ceiling tiles, the size of the area you wish to paint, your budget, and your color preferences. If you are painting the tiles yourself, you may also wish to consider your skill as a painter.

The composition of your tiles is one of the most important considerations when choosing ceiling tile paint because not all paints work on all surfaces. Ceiling tiles can be made from a number of materials. One of the most common is pressed fiber — these are the large rectangular tiles that are hung using a metal grid and are often white or off-white in color. Other tiles are made of plastic, foam, or metal.

If you are painting pressed fiber ceiling tiles, you'll want to use a paint that doesn't seep too deeply into the substrate because it can weaken the tile. If you are painting smooth-surface tiles, such as those formed from tin or plastic, you'll need to choose a paint that is formulated for such surfaces. If your tiles are pressed fiber, but you also want to paint the hanging grid the same color, you'll want to choose a ceiling tile paint that works on both materials because different types of paint will look different in tone, even when tinted with the same formula.

The location of your project is another major consideration. If you are painting the ceiling of a covered patio, for example, you may need to choose a ceiling tile paint that is formulated for outdoor use. If you are painting the ceiling of a commercial kitchen, you'll want to choose paint that both meets local codes and is easy to clean.

Color is another factor in paint choice. Some colors may be unavailable in the formulation you need, particularly if you have decided to use a commercial spray paint. Depending on the location of the ceiling, you may also want to keep certain tenants of design theory in mind. For example, painting all components of a ceiling in the same color can make unattractive features such as ductwork less visible. Likewise, painting a low ceiling in a light color can make the ceiling appear higher.

Your ceiling tile paint choice may also be affected by the price of the paint, especially when taken into consideration with the size of the area that needs painting. Larger areas will require more paint, and some colors require specialty primers. Both factors can dramatically affect the overall budget of your project.

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    • Ceiling tile paint.
      Ceiling tile paint.