How do I Choose the Best Ceiling Fan Light Kits?

Autumn Rivers

Not every ceiling fan comes with its own light, as some manufacturers allow the customer to choose the best one for their home. Whether you have selected a fan that does not already have a light, or you wish to replace the current fixture, it is time to browse ceiling fan light kits. The first factor to consider is whether the kit you like is compatible with the fan you have, as not all fans accept universal ceiling fan light kits. Once you know the range of light kits that you can select from, it is time to decide on style, as you can typically choose between types that hide the light bulbs and those that display them. Finally, color is also important, which is why you should consider both the finish of the metal and the shade of the glass.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Some ceiling fan manufacturers only allow their proprietary light kits to fit their fans, while others permit universal ceiling fan light kits to be used. If you already have a fan without a light, check the instruction manual to find out whether you must use a lighting kit from the same company. If there is already a light on your fan that you would like to replace, make sure that it can be taken out, as not every fan permits this. If you have not bought a ceiling fan yet, consider purchasing one that accepts universal ceiling fan light kits, as you will have the most options this way.

While browsing, consider the style of lights that you prefer. For example, some ceiling fans include a glass bowl that covers the light bulbs, and you can choose among rounded, flat, or pointed glass bowls. Another choice is the type of light kit that displays the bulbs, usually with a small cover over each light. Most fans feature between three and five bulbs, and you can choose between covers that are angled upward or downward. Some glass covers or bowls also feature designs, such as metal wrapped around them in a unique shape, so decide whether you want to add some elegance to your fan with this kind of style.

Color is another important aspect of ceiling fan light kits, as your chosen kit should match both the existing fan and the rest of the room. The glass around the bulbs is usually clear, white, or yellow, so choose based on your preferences and what would look best in the room. The finish of the metal is also important, as some ceiling fan light kits include lots of metal as part of the design. Consider whether a darker metal, such as bronze, would best match the existing d├ęcor in the room. On the other hand, lighter metal, such as stainless steel or nickel, might be ideal for some home decor schemes.

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