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How Do I Choose the Best Camp Cook Jobs?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When choosing camp cook jobs, you should consider the types of camps you would like to work for, the areas in which you would like to work, as well as your own culinary experience. In addition to visiting various job boards, you may wish to directly contact camp directors about the possibility of working as a camp cook. Finally, you should prepare for the possibility of a comprehensive screening process, particularly if you will be working at a camp for children or the disabled.

In addition to general job boards, check out job boards for those in the hospitality and camp industries. Read job descriptions carefully and make sure that you meet the qualifications necessary. In many cases, a camp director will want some evidence that you are capable of cooking for large groups of people who expect to be served all at once. If you don’t have experience with this type of cooking, you may need to look for assistant or line cook jobs at camps rather than head or solo cook jobs. In some cases, ads for camp cook jobs will also specify other skills necessary for the job, such as being able to drive a vehicle along with a clean driving record.

A cookbook and utensils.
A cookbook and utensils.

Think about whether you would like to cook for a particular population. Summer camps typically host children and teenagers, so if you like to cook for kids, you may want to focus on such camps. Some camps focus on the needs of specific populations, for instance diabetics, people who are losing weight, or those who eat kosher diets. If you are familiar with these cooking styles and are eager to plan and cook such menus, you may want to focus your job search on such specialized camps.

Look for camp cook jobs that are in areas where you would enjoy living, at least temporarily. You should also pay attention to compensation. In addition to your salary, find out about the accommodations provided by the camp. If you live far away from where the camp operates, you should also ask about whether the camp will help pay your transportation costs to and from the camp. Keep in mind that many camps will run a background check on you, particularly if you are going to be working at a camp for a vulnerable population. In order to avoid problems with applying for camp cook jobs, you may want to check public records to ensure that there are no errors that could cause you to lose a chance at a camp job.

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    • A cookbook and utensils.
      By: Vivian Seefeld
      A cookbook and utensils.