How do I Choose the Best Bulk Essential Oils?

Felicia Dye

When you are buying bulk essential oils, you need to consider the price. The character of your supplier is also very important because you want to make sure you are purchasing quality products. Also, consider the return and refund policies and make sure they are favorable. If you are purchasing the bulk essential oils for resale, do not forget to take your customers' preferences into consideration.

Bulk essential oils may come in larger bottles and need to be rebottled in smaller containers for resale.
Bulk essential oils may come in larger bottles and need to be rebottled in smaller containers for resale.

If you are buying bulk essential oils for resale, you may want to consider the demand. Instead of getting large quantities of oils that you like, you need to try to protect your investment by considering your customers' preferences. You may even want to get small quantities of a variety of oils and distribute samples so you can get feedback before ordering.

There is more than one method of extracting essential oils. It is highly recommended, however, that certain oils be extracted by certain methods instead of others. This is something to consider before you make your purchases. You may have to do a bit of research about each type of oil you are planning to order so you will know which extraction method is recommended for it. Otherwise, you could find yourself getting a large quantity of inferior products.

Price should be a factor when buying bulk essential oils. Before you make a purchase, try to find the unit price if your supplier sells the products individually. Since you will be getting a large quantity, the savings should be noticeable.

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Another thing to consider with regards to price is how your bulk essential oils will be packaged. If your oils will come in large bottles and you plan to resell them, you will likely have to pour them into many smaller bottles. This could be time consuming. Do some comparison shopping to determine whether getting the oil pre-packaged in small bottles will be much more expensive. This can not only save your time, it may also reduce waste.

It may take some time to develop a relationship with a supplier, but you should try to purchase your bulk essential oils from a source that is reliable and trustworthy. There are many suppliers who have shady business practices, which can include selling adulterated oils. Some will sell one type of oil labeled as another. You owe it to yourself and to your clients to do all you can to assure that you are getting pure, high quality oils. You can determine trustworthiness to some degree by how knowledgeable your supplier is and also by his willingness to assist you during the ordering process.

Also, consider the supplier's return and refund policies. Essential oils can have certain characteristics that indicate their quality or condition. You should make sure you are getting your bulk essential oils from a supplier who is willing to help rectify any problems. If you buy your products on-site, take note of how the oils are stored. For example, many oils are photosensitive, so it would be inadvisable to purchase them if they are sitting in direct sunlight.

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