How Do I Choose the Best Bronzer for Men?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Bronze powders allow a person to determine the color shade that is appropriate for them.
Bronze powders allow a person to determine the color shade that is appropriate for them.

Choosing the best bronzer for men is simply a matter of preference. Typically, you'll want to buy a bronzer in a shade that you think looks best on your skin, has an application process that you find easy, and can withstand exposure to all your activities without coming off. Investing in a product that also moisturizes will help you to take extra special care of your skin.

You should choose a bronzer for men in a color that is not too different from your natural skin tone. A product that is too dark can look extremely artificial on the skin, and can result in negative attention being drawn to your body. Rather, to complement your physique, select a hue that your natural skin would look like had it been out in the sun. Similarly, try to stay away away from bronzers that oxidize and turn orange.

If you're a guy who doesn't like to fuss with makeup tools, you may decide that a gel bronzer for men is the best type for you. Powder and cream products can get messy and require the use of extra instruments for smooth and even application. You can significantly reduce the hassle associated with using a bronzer by simply choosing a product that you can apply to your hands and smooth over your body. A gel can be especially beneficial if you are someone who is constantly on-the-go and who wants a quick and easy way to achieve the look of sun-kissed skin. It should be noted that powders, however, can help you to control the amount of bronzer that you apply, and can let you determine the best color shade that is appropriate for you.

Waterproof bronzers are also available for men, which may be the best option for athletes or outdoorsmen because they can engage in their usual activities without having to worry about it washing off. Some formulas are so intense that men can swim without having it affect the application. Be sure to choose a non-streaking formula so that your skin will look perfect regardless of the elements to which it is exposed.

Select a bronzer for men that also functions as a moisturizer. Choosing a hydrating product can keep your skin soft and supple while making it look tanned. Moisturizers can also help control acne, which can be something that may be important to you, if you suffer from it.

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@ddljohn-- Gel bronzers are the best if you have oily skin. Most cream bronzers have oils in them which will make your skin shiny and oily. Gel bronzers don't contain any oil.

There are also spray bronzers and they might be better than cream bronzers for oily skin. But the problem with spray bronzers is that sometimes they cause streaking. It can be very difficult to blend them in and blending is too much work anyway.

I very white skin, so I use a bronzer all the time. Right now I'm using a bronzer lotion for men. But I've tried bronzing products for women as well. It's the same thing so I don't look for products labeled for men because that seriously limits my options.


Which type of bronzer is best for oily skin?

I've used several products but they all made my face very oily in a few hours.


I think bronzer beds are the best. I started going to a tanning salon recently and have been tanning in a bronzer bed. These beds are different than tanning beds because they emit powerful UVA rays and don't burn skin.

It takes a couple of sessions, but the result is evenly bronze skin. I much prefer this to bronzing products. It's natural and lasts longer.

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    • Bronze powders allow a person to determine the color shade that is appropriate for them.
      Bronze powders allow a person to determine the color shade that is appropriate for them.