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How Do I Choose the Best Brick Flooring?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

There are many options for brick floors, allowing you to customize your home based on your preferences. Among the choices is color, because you can choose a traditional red brick or you can select bricks that are black, white or brown, to name the most common shades. You also can select brick flooring that is intricately designed with a phrase or image of your choosing. In addition, you can decide between an older or more modern look, which will affect which type of bricks you buy. Once you select the bricks, it is time to consider how they are installed, because there are several options from which to choose.

You may assume the only type of brick flooring available is the traditional red brick. While this is quite popular and easy to get, you can get bricks in other colors, including black and brown. You also can choose white or gray bricks for your floor, provided they match the rest of your home or suit your preferences better than the typical red brick. Once you choose the best color for your brick flooring, you can decide if you want a design or phrase pressed into the bricks' surface. This may help customize your floors, though you will likely need to find a company that specializes in designing bricks to get this unique look.

A brick trowel and bricks.
A brick trowel and bricks.

Before you decide whether to get an image or phrase added to your brick flooring, you should think about the final look you wish to achieve. For example, some homeowners use this material to get a somewhat rustic feel in their house, in which case using older, reclaimed bricks may be best. This also is usually considered the most eco-friendly way to add brick to a home. If you prefer a more modern look for your house, then you should get new brick that has been sealed to keep it clean and looking new for years.

A final consideration to make when choosing brick flooring is the pattern you prefer for this material. Among the most popular patterns is the running bond, which means each row begins at the midpoint of the bricks in the row next to it. The basket weave look involves laying two bricks next to one another horizontally and then placing the next two bricks vertically. Another more complex pattern is the herringbone, in which each brick is placed at a right angle to the others. If you want these or other popular patterns for your brick flooring, then you are advised to talk to the specialist who will be installing it.

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    • A brick trowel and bricks.
      A brick trowel and bricks.