How Do I Choose the Best Body Wipes? (with picture)

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Body wipes.
Body wipes.

Your choice of body wipes should take into consideration the ingredients used to make the liquid solution in which the wipes are soaked and the material from which the wipes are made. Another consideration is the way in which the wipes are packaged as well as their cost. It can be a good idea to try out several different types of body wipes so that you can see how well they work for you and make sure that they will not cause skin irritation.

It's important to be aware of the ingredients and anybody wipes that you decide to use. This is particularly true if you, or a family member, have sensitive skin or have an allergy to a particular personal care product ingredient. It can also be an important consideration if you plan to use the wipes on sensitive areas of your body, as some ingredients, particularly fragrance, can be more irritating than others. For example, if you plan to use body wipes primarily on your hands or as a way of keeping yourself fresh while camping or working out, you may wish to choose any antibacterial wipe. In some cases, however, the antibacterial ingredients may trigger rashes or irritation if used on the face or in the genital region.

The type of material used to make wipes can vary, but there may be some significant differences in thickness and texture. If you plan to only use the body wipes is a quick way of freshening up, it may not matter if the wipes are very thin. In situations where you will be relying on the body wipes to maintain your hygiene, you may wish to choose a thicker, sturdier brand. Some wipes may be made from a slightly rough material that can exfoliate dead skin cells and assist in maintaining cleanliness. While this is an excellent option for some people, you may find this to be irritating and so may choose a softer body wipe.

Packaging is a very important consideration when choosing body wipes. Convenience is often a priority for many body wipe users, so you want to make sure that the wipes are packaged so that they are accessible when you need them. If the wipes are going to be used indoors, such as for frequent hand cleaning, body wipes that are packed in a pop-up container usually work well. On the other hand, those who need body wipes while traveling or engaging in sports activities may choose to purchase individually wrapped wipes that can be used as needed without having to carry around a large container.

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Body Wipes by Paper Shower are a great option. They are big and wet enough for a complete body wash and their low alcohol content means they won't dry out your skin. They also come with a separate dry towel. They are great body wipe for camping or after the gym.

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    • Body wipes.
      Body wipes.