How Do I Choose the Best Black Hair Highlights?

Andrea Cross
Andrea Cross
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Black is the most versatile hair color when it comes to highlights because any color applied will look vibrant. Based on the colors and style you choose, a variety of looks are possible, from the elegant and natural to the modern and edgy. When choosing the best black hair highlights, consider whether you want a subtle or a bold look and how the highlights will affect the condition of your hair.

Subtle black hair highlights can look both stylish and sophisticated. A more natural look is the best choice if you want to add more vibrancy to your hair color but you work in a professional environment where brighter fashion colors would be inappropriate. To achieve a more subtle look, select colors that blend in well with your black hair. Choose dark, warm red, and brown shades, such as plum, cherry, and auburn. Avoid shades of blonde because they will contrast very noticeably with your hair.

A more natural look can also be achieved by the way in which you apply the highlights. Place black hair highlights in both the top and bottom layers of hair so that they appear more uniform. Have several different shades of color put in as the gradation of color makes hair look more natural. This can be a fairly complicated procedure, so it is best to have it performed at a salon, where the stylist can help you choose the best set of colors and apply them in the right way.

Black hair highlights can also be used to create a bold, stylish look. If you work in a more relaxed atmosphere, then you have a much greater choice of color. You can choose from natural colors such as blonde to fashion colors such as purple. With this look, although you can use any color, you should use it sparingly to create the most visual impact, for example, applying just one or two blocks of color. On black hair, this is a very edgy, striking look.

Fashion colors are easier to apply at home than the more natural look due to the greater freedom of color and style. Make sure that you purchase color remover as well as dye. If you want a look that is sophisticated but still stylish, choose to color stack your black hair highlights. This involves putting color on the middle layers of your hair. Small flashes of color can then peek through when you wear your hair down, and if you want a bolder look, you can style your hair into an updo.

Finally, choose black hair highlights based on the condition of your hair. The color will have to be stripped from the sections of your hair that you want to highlight, so if it is in poor condition, you want darker and more sparing highlights. You might also think about color stacking — this style requires less maintenance as you cannot see the roots. This subsequently requires you to remove the color from new growth less often. If you have your hair colored in the salon, the stylists have products and expertise that will be less damaging to your hair.

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I have straight black hair and I want a few brown highlights on certain parts of my hair, but I don't want to go to the salon to do it because my parents won't let me. And using the lemon and honey stuff, I don't know what to do. I'm starting high school next year so I want a really nice hair color. I don't want to lighten it but to turn it brown. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip