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How Do I Choose the Best Black Eyebrow Pencil?

T. Webster
T. Webster

Choosing the best black eyebrow pencil for your needs will likely depend on its ease of application and removal, how long it lasts and the look you are trying to attain. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, then you also should look for a brand that is hypoallergenic and doesn't dry out your skin. Cost also may be a consideration when picking the best.

Black eyebrow pencil tends to look best on a person with naturally dark hair. Dark eyebrow pencil on fair-skinned people with light hair can appear unnatural and give the face a harsh appearance. Pencils also come in various shades of black that vary in intensity, with hues ranging from a black-brown color to pure, intense black.

An eyebrow brush may be used to blend out color added by an eyebrow pencil.
An eyebrow brush may be used to blend out color added by an eyebrow pencil.

Pigmentation, or intensity of color, also is important. A black eyebrow pencil with high pigmentation will retain its color when applied. One with low pigmentation will look lighter when applied than it does in the container and might even appear gray on your eyebrows. Underlying tones are another important consideration when buying a black eyebrow pencil, because some of them can have an orange-ish cast. This can provide a strange, and potentially unwelcome, contrast on eyebrows that are already naturally dark.

The natural color of your eyebrows also should influence your choice. Some people with very dark hair have eyebrows that are much lighter. In these cases, a less intense shade of black might be more flattering. For a softer look with a black eyebrow pencil, you may want to try one with a built-in eyebrow brush. These are often attached to the cap of the pencil and are used to blend the pencil so it looks smoother and softer.

The best black eyebrow pencil will be formulated to glide on smoothly. If you have to press hard to get any color, it can appear choppy, though an eyebrow pencil that goes on too easily also can come off easily and may not last long enough. If long wear is important, you may want to choose a black eyebrow pencil specifically formulated to last. The packaging often will indicate how long the eyebrow pencil is expected to wear, and some are even waterproof.

Other features to consider are whether the pencil is formulated to be hypoallergenic. Many hypoallergenic cosmetics have no fragrances or harsh chemicals than can irritate the skin. Those with built-in moisturizers also are less drying and easier on the skin.

As with any cosmetics, a drug store brand of black eyebrow pencil will probably be less expensive than those found at the cosmetic counters of upscale department stores. The best choice will likely depend on a combination of your budget and how well the cosmetic works. It's up to you to decide how much money it will cost to get the exact look you want and what price that look is worth.

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    • An eyebrow brush may be used to blend out color added by an eyebrow pencil.
      By: Andriy Petrenko
      An eyebrow brush may be used to blend out color added by an eyebrow pencil.