How do I Choose the Best Bee Pollen Capsules?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

Bee pollen has been used for generations to improve health and reduce unpleasant reactions to common allergens, especially when the bee pollen ingested is from local bee hives. This dietary supplement has been touted as nature's perfect food by holistic practitioners and others interested in natural approaches to caring for the body. Bee pollen contains high amounts of protein, the B complex vitamins, and an assortment of other vital nutrients for good health. Taking bee pollen capsules is linked to increased energy, improved physical stamina, and some studies have suggested it may also improve the immune system function. It is crucially important to only choose bee products that contain natural, not synthetic, pollen.


The pollen found in bee pollen capsules is harvested from hives and contains a large number of the flower seeds from the region in which the bees work and live. This makes it an excellent supplement for those with seasonal allergies. Bee keepers use a device at the entrance of the hive to collect the pollen from the incoming bees.

Some bee pollen is available as raw granules.
Some bee pollen is available as raw granules.

Scientists have been able to create bee pollen in the lab, but when bees are exposed to the substance, they die. Synthetic bee pollen should pose no risk to humans, but it is believed it will not yield the same results as its natural counterpart. Choosing bee pollen capsules containing all-natural bee pollen is considered the healthiest alternative.

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Bee pollen capsules containing natural pollen are excellent sources of many essential vitamins and nutrients. Protein, B complex vitamins, and healthy carbohydrates are found in the substance as well as significant amounts of vitamins A, C, D, and E. As many people do not ingest enough of these nutrients in their diets, bee pollen is considered a good way to ensure the body receives the necessary amounts. The normal dosage of bee pollen capsules is three 500 mg capsules taken throughout the day.

There are several ways bee pollen capsules are used to improve health and vitality. The most well-known benefit of bee pollen is increased energy and endurance. Other benefits associated with bee pollen are cold and flu prevention, faster recovery from illness, and a reduction in addiction cravings, such as smoking or alcohol. Some holistic health professionals also believe this super food can be used to reduce the negative effects of radiation treatments for cancer patients. Both honey and bee pollen have antibacterial properties that are especially helpful in treating bacteria infections and illnesses in addition to assisting the body in fighting these types of conditions as well.

Bee pollen capsules.
Bee pollen capsules.

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I've read that the nutritional quality of every batch of bee pollen isn't the same. It actually depends on the season and the flowers that the bees have access too.

That's why I prefer bee pollen capsules sold by small farms. They are the beekeepers and they know exactly where the bees are getting the pollen. I actually email the manufacturer to ask for these details. If the farm is a local one, then that's even better because I know it will be fresh.


@bluedolphin-- The brand isn't important but the company should be reliable. You can confirm the quality of a bee pollen supplement by reading customer reviews of that product. You should be able to get objective information about the quality and effectiveness that way.

I also recommend 100% pure bee pollen capsules. If it's organic, then it's even better. This ensures that the bee pollen doesn't have any additives or preservatives in it. Organic also means that there are no chemicals used when collecting the bee pollen.

Natural is always best in my opinion. Pure bee pollen actually doesn't taste that great but since it's in capsule form, you won't have to taste it.


Something I always worry about when it comes to supplements is the quality of the product. Since I can't see what's inside the capsule, I always wonder if it's the real thing or if it's fresh. Is there a certain type of bee pollen I should get? Or a specific brand perhaps?

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