How Do I Choose the Best Bearded Dragon Kits?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Bearded dragon kits are meant to provide nearly everything you need to properly care for your new bearded dragon pet. The largest component of most kits is the vivarium, in which your bearded dragon will live, so you should make sure it is of good quality. You also should choose a kit that features tools to keep your new pet warm, including heat rocks and light bulbs. Most of the top kits on the market also include an in-depth owner's manual to educate you about this type of reptile. Additionally, make sure the kit you choose comes with high-quality, nonporous water and food dishes, as well as sand and plants to fill out the vivarium.

The main component of most bearded dragon kits is the vivarium; this is where your pet will live, so be sure it is durable. Wooden vivariums are often considered the best kind, because they are less likely to crack than the glass types and also tend to hold the heat better. If you select a kit with a wooden vivarium, you may have a choice between light and dark wood, which means you can choose the one that best matches your home's decor. Even wooden vivariums feature lots of glass, though, so make sure the one you choose has toughened glass that will not break easily and will not shatter into tiny, sharp pieces if it does break. Before you select the kit with the best vivarium, you also should make sure it has two or more vents — for humidity control — and is the right size to comfortably fit in the space where you plan to put it.

Many bearded dragon kits come with a few methods of keeping the pet warm, with one of the most common tools being heat rocks that simulate rocks warmed by the sun. Your kit also should come with a daylight basking lamp that provides both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. A natural sunlight bulb featuring the same rays also should be included, allowing your bearded dragon to stay warm and get the same benefits that he would get in nature.

Some of the most helpful bearded dragon kits include a manual to teach you about getting started caring for your pet. This should allow you to learn more about what you need in a vivarium so you can add items to keep your pet happy and healthy. Basic veterinary advice should be offered, too, with some details about when to take your reptile to see a medical professional. The manual also should outline feeding instructions, including what to feed your reptile and how often he should eat.

Knowing the details about feeding your reptile is useful, but you also need the proper dishes if you are to put your knowledge to work. The water and food dishes in a kit should be sturdy and nonporous so they do not tip over easily or absorb bacteria from the bottom of the cage. Some kits come with food pellets, but you may not need these if you prefer to feed your pet live food. Finally, a bearded dragon kit that features sand will boost your pet's comfort, and artificial plants can help with decorations.

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