How Do I Choose the Best Beard Clipper?

Tiffany Manley

A beard clipper is often used to trim away or shape excess facial hair. When choosing which kind to purchase you might consider the type of blades the product has, blade length settings, and durability. You might also need a model that has a rechargeable battery if you will be using it away from a power outlet. While design might not be a leading consideration for you, it might be beneficial to consider special features and ergonomics.

A man growing a beard.
A man growing a beard.

Most beard clipper models often come with different types of blades. These might be basic metal razor blades or made with more durable materials. It is also important to determine whether the blades are meant to be disposed of or used for a long period of time. This will help determine whether the product is flexible and conforms to the curves of your face or if it is meant for a quick and simple shave.

When shopping for a beard clipper you might also consider the settings the product has for trimming length. A variety of settings will usually allow you to trim just a small amount or make more visible changes. The more settings you have, the more changes you will likely be able to make.

If you are investing in a beard clipper that you hope to keep for an extended period of time, you might benefit from researching models that are built to be very durable. This might be manifest in a variety of ways such as optimum blade materials or a great warranty and customer service. While models such as these might be more expensive than disposable ones, they will likely last a long time. If they are within your budget, it might be a good idea to purchase one.

Some people will usually only use their beard clipper in the comfort of their own home. This usually means they can consider a model that is powered by a power cord plugged into an electrical outlet. If you will be traveling a great deal or would prefer a model that is more portable, choosing one that is powered by a battery is probably a good idea. A rechargeable option is usually very desirable.

Many personal grooming products come with special features and ergonomic qualities. While these might not be necessary, they possibly provide beneficial extras of interest to you. An ergonomic model is another possible consideration if you feel this is an important feature.

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