How Do I Choose the Best BBQ Prawn Marinade?

Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson

Chefs choose the best BBQ prawn marinade by looking for recipes which include acidic ingredients, thinking about the general style of dish, choosing recipes which use fresh ingredients, and thinking about the flavors in the marinade. Different guests might not like certain flavors or combinations, which can affect the ingredients used in the marinade and the general style of cooking it falls into. Acidic and fresh ingredients should be included in most marinades because they hold more general advantages over the alternatives.

Acidic ingredients are often used in BBQ prawn marinade recipes because they help make more tender prawns. The muscle fibers which make up the majority of meat products are broken down by acids. This makes the texture of the dish tenderer and more pleasing to most guests. Any type of vinegar, such as red wine vinegar, is suitable as an acidic ingredient. Lemons and limes can also be used for their acidic qualities.

Fresh ingredients are another frequent addition to a BBQ prawn marinade because they impart more flavors than dried or synthetic ingredients. Onions and garlic can be bought as a salt or powder, but freshly chopped onions and garlic are preferable to most chefs. Likewise, fresh herbs are superior to dried ones. Chefs can replace dried or otherwise synthetic ingredients in a recipe with fresh equivalents. For example, from-concentrate lemon juice can be substituted for freshly squeezed or sliced lemons.

Some BBQ prawn marinade recipes fall into a specific style of cooking. For example, marinades including soy sauce, sesame oil, and Chinese five-spice are likely to be related to Chinese or Asian cuisine. Chefs should think about how this style of cooking fits in with the rest of the food available at the meal. If there are no other Asian-style dishes, BBQ prawns in an Asian marinade may stand out and clash with the other dishes in terms of flavor.

The specific mixture of ingredients can often be used to find the best BBQ prawn marinade. For example, some recipes use flavors like tomatoes, basil, and red wine vinegar, which go well to make a Mediterranean-style marinade. Other ingredients that could be included in this dish, such as cayenne pepper, impart additional flavors or sensations that some guests might not like. Chefs can avoid using ingredients like cayenne pepper if the guests do not like spicy food. Looking at the flavors in the dish and thinking about the guests’ tastes can be a good tip for choosing the best BBQ prawn marinade.

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