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How do I Choose the Best Battery Operated Toothbrush?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

When shopping for a battery operated toothbrush, make sure you choose an age-appropriate item. A young child may require a low-powered model and an easy-grip handle. If you're choosing a children's model, you may prefer a more simplistic design. A battery operated toothbrush for an adult may have firmer bristles and other features. A toothbrush with a timer is good to have to ensure you are brushing for the designated time.

If you are looking for a battery operated toothbrush to help motivate your child to brush thoroughly and encourage good oral hygiene, look for a model with a small brush head. An adult-size toothbrush may be too large for a younger child's mouth and gums. Some of these rechargeable brushes also feature a built-in timer, so the child will recognize the correct amount of brushing time for optimal results.

Woman posing
Woman posing

If you are looking to purchase a battery-operated toothbrush for yourself, another thing you'll want to look for is the recharging base itself. Depending upon your preference, you may to wall mount the base or keep it flat on a countertop. Wall-mounting bases require no counter space, making them a good choice when space is limited in the bathroom.

Notice the type of batteries the rechargeable toothbrush requires. Certain rechargeable batteries may be less expensive than others and more readily available. If the toothbrush takes a hard-to-find replaceable battery, you might want to reconsider.

In selecting your battery operated toothbrush, you may want to be sure it includes interchangeable brush heads. A few replacement heads are also useful. Some battery operated toothbrushes also come packaged in sets. This may include two or even three at a reasonable price.

You may prefer the benefits of a battery operated toothbrush with a spinning or rotating head. Some individuals believes this gives them a better and more thorough cleaning. The decision is a matter of preference, but it's definitely worth considering.

Another consideration for your new battery operated toothbrush is comfort. If you prefer a soft toothbrush, or hard toothbrush, read the package carefully. Some even include both soft and hard brush heads. There are models that also feature a special whitening type head to help polish teeth and remove surface stains.

Lastly, decide whether you want a battery operated toothbrush with a recharging option that features a base charger. If you prefer to use disposable batteries rather than a recharger, consider the cost of battery replacement. Using disposable batteries may be more convenient, yet slightly more costly in the long run.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing