How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Cleaner?

Mary Ellen Popolo

With the wide selection of bathtub cleaners on the market, it may be difficult to decide which one to purchase. To choose the best cleaner, find one that will work effectively without damaging the surface of your tub. Some of the key things to look for in a bathtub cleaner are what type of cleaning it does, how well it will clean the tub, and the cost of the product. Another consideration is whether or not it is safe to use in your bathroom.

Lactic acid, which can help get rid of soap scum.
Lactic acid, which can help get rid of soap scum.

There are many products available for cleaning bathtubs. Some are made by well known manufacturers. Others are store brand or generic products. Usually generic or store brand cleaners cost less than their name brand counterparts, and some work just as well as name brand products.

To choose the best bathtub cleaner, you need to decide what you need the cleaner to do. Removing mold, mildew, soap scum, and hard water spots are the most common things a bathtub cleaner is used for. If you have any or all of these problems, look for a product that specifically says it will clean, remove, or prevent them.

If your tub is prone to mold or mildew, you need a cleaner that is effective in removing and preventing these common problems. Many times, cleaners that specialize in removing mold and mildew have harsh or strong chemicals in them, resulting in an overpowering smell. Proper ventilation when using these products is important. If ventilation is a problem, such as in bathrooms with no window or exhaust fan, you may need to use a product that does not have strong chemicals.

Different types of bathtub cleaners are another consideration. Cleaners come in aerosol spray, gel, foam, and powder forms. The type of cleaner to choose is a matter of personal preference. Scents are another personal choice. Though many cleaners have a harsh chemical smell, some have a more pleasant odor, such as orange or lavender.

One of the most important things to think about when choosing a bathtub cleaner is the type of bathtub you have. Choose a cleaner that will be safe for the tub and the surrounding tub area. Read product labels carefully to ensure that you will not discolor, scratch or damage the surface of the tub by using a cleaning product not recommended for your type of tub.

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