How Do I Choose the Best Bamboo Rugs?

S. Gonzales

Choosing the best bamboo rug can depend on your personal preferences. Bamboo rugs can be used almost anywhere in the home, can be bought in many different shades of brown and can be easily cleaned, so it shouldn't be too difficult to choose a suitable bamboo rug. When shopping for a bamboo rug, consider that if you buy a dark rug, it might become lighter with time and that some bamboo rugs can change shape if the wood hasn't been prepared properly.


The versatility of bamboo rugs allows them to be placed anywhere in the home where you see fit. You can put a bamboo rug in your living room, kitchen, entryway, hallways, dining room, bedroom and even bathroom. There is no limit to where you can place a rug of this kind, as long as it complements your existing d&eactue;cor.

Bamboo stalks.
Bamboo stalks.

Bamboo rugs can be available in a wide variety of colors. You don't have to be married to one specific shade of brown, especially if your home's d├ęcor is dependent on a certain color. You can purchase bamboo rugs in extremely light or dark browns or anything in between. If you want your bamboo rug to be the focal point of your home, consider buying a rug that stands in contrast with the rest of the colors in your home.

You might be interested in buying bamboo rugs because you have heard of their reputations for being durable. Rugs made out of bamboo can withstand a lot of foot traffic and are relatively easy to clean. They are even resistant to smells. An additional benefit of purchasing bamboo rugs is that they are known to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. These rugs can be especially beneficial to people who are sensitive to allergens and pollutants but who still want a hint of style in their home.

When purchasing a bamboo rug, some considerations you might have to take are that bamboo can turn lighter with exposure to sunlight and that walking over bamboo can produce unwanted sounds. If your bamboo rug's color becomes light over time, you might have to get it re-stained to return it to its original color. Providing some sort of padding over the rug can help muffle sounds as well. Choosing a bamboo rug that has been specially treated to maintain its own shape can protect the longevity of your rug.

If you are an environmentally conscious person, you might want to confirm that the bamboo rug you are purchasing is made from bamboo that grew in an area where no pandas reside. If the bamboo was taken from an area where pandas live, you might be contributing to the destruction of their habitat. Should this be a concern of yours, look into purchasing a bamboo rug from an Earth-friendly store, because they would be more likely to carry bamboo rugs that were made without threatening animals or the environment.

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