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How Do I Choose the Best Balcony Ideas?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A balcony space can allow a homeowner a pleasant space to relax, or a useful area to plant a garden, store items, or otherwise capitalize on additional square footage. The best balcony ideas will cater to your needs; if you plan on using the space for relaxing, you may want to consider tables and chairs. If you want to use it for more utilitarian purposes, consider getting a balcony grill, planting an herb garden, or purchasing outdoor storage tubs. There are no bad balcony ideas, only ideas that do not cater to your needs.

A balcony garden is a great way to grow herbs, spices, and smaller vegetables that can be used in the kitchen. This will not only save you money on your grocery bills, but also provide a pleasing aesthetic for the balcony space. A garden is one of the more useful balcony ideas because it capitalizes on the space while still providing a certain level of beauty as well as food for cooking. If you do not want a vegetable garden, consider planting flowers to improve the aesthetic of the balcony space as well as the home or building on which the balcony is built.

A house with a balcony.
A house with a balcony.

For simple relaxation, consider purchasing tables and chairs for lounging or dining. Balcony ideas for such a space include reclining chairs, patio furniture, a soft outdoor rug for added comfort, and an umbrella for enhancing the available shade of the space. If you plan on dining on the balcony, consider a small table as well as a balcony grill. Balcony grills come in tabletop models that do not take up a lot of space, or in railing mounted models that look similar to planting boxes. These small grills hang right off the railing and allow you to cook a few steaks or burgers at a time without eating up too much floor space on the balcony.

Many companies have come up with balcony ideas that accommodate limited space. Accessories such as tables and grills can be mounted directly to the railing, using only a small amount of space and preventing clutter. These accessories are often made from weatherproof materials such as certain metals and plastics, to ensure they do not rot or corrode when exposed regularly to the elements. Carpets, too, are often designed with synthetic materials that are resistant to water damage as well as fast drying for comfort and durability.

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    • A house with a balcony.
      By: Tatty
      A house with a balcony.