How do I Choose the Best Baby Hammock?

Autumn Rivers

A baby hammock is an alternative to a crib or bassinet, and is often credited with providing a safe, comfortable place for babies to sleep since it can remind infants of the womb. One of the first details to consider before buying is the weight or age maximum of the product, as each hammock tends to have a different limit. You should also think about whether you prefer a baby hammock that hangs from the ceiling, or comes with a stand. In addition, since the material makes up the bulk of this baby item, you should consider which type suits you best, as the fabric available ranges from cotton to breathable mesh.

A baby.
A baby.

Just like most baby products, the typical hammock has a weight limit, which you should heed in order to both keep your baby safe and avoid breaking the item. Some hammocks are tailored to newborns and very young infants, with a weight limit of 15 pounds (6.82 kg), while others accommodate babies up to 45 pounds (20.45 kg). Thus, most baby hammocks do not suit toddlers or particularly heavy infants. Some do, however, allow you to lower the hammock and purchase a cushion that fits inside, creating a seat that toddlers and small children can use. This feature can extend the life of the baby hammock, permitting you to use it past the first year of your child's life, so consider this option if you are interested.

The typical baby hammock on the market comes with a stand from which the material hangs. This feature usually makes it easy to travel with the product since you can place it nearly anywhere without having to uninstall the hammock swing, but the stand does take up some space. On the other hand, some hammocks are made to hang from the ceiling instead, which is known for saving room. Of course, it often takes some time to install the item, which means that it is not typically ideal for traveling. Fortunately, there are some baby hammocks that allow you to choose whether to use a stand or the ceiling so that you can take it with you on trips if desired.

Another consideration to make is the type of material that you prefer for the baby hammock. Many come with standard cotton or polyester, both of which are usually comfortable for the baby and familiar to most parents. Organic cotton is also often available, allowing you to stick with natural products when possible. On the other hand, mesh might be preferred if you live in a warm climate and wish to allow the baby to get a breeze when you place the hammock swing outside. Mesh is also often preferred for newborn babies to decrease the slight risk of suffocation, as this material is considered breathable.

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