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How Do I Choose the Best Baby Haircut?

Kay Paddock
Kay Paddock

When it is time to have a baby's hair trimmed, it might be difficult to decide which style to choose. If the child has a lot of hair, there are many different baby haircut styles that will work. Baby's first haircut may require only a few snips, but once the hair starts to grow you can choose between longer or shorter styles. First, consider how long your baby is likely to sit still for the cut and the daily styling, and then choose a baby haircut based on factors such as hair length, the baby's age, and the desired look. Finally, decide whether you will cut your baby's hair or go to a salon.

Some people start having their baby's hair trimmed very early, even before a trim is necessary. This can help a child get used to the idea of getting a haircut. Many children are frightened by the chair, the apron, and the sound of scissors. If your baby isn't likely to tolerate a stranger with scissors, you might need to handle the first few haircuts yourself. You can also take the baby with you when you have your hair cut to help make the salon more familiar.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Different haircut styles suit different lengths of hair and ages. A child so young that she might constantly try to pull a barrette or clip out of her hair may need a shorter haircut just to keep hair out of her eyes, whereas an older girl who will leave hair accessories in place could have longer bangs that are clipped to the side or pulled back with a headband. Before getting a short baby haircut for a girl, remember that you may wish to pull her hair into a ponytail or pigtails one day soon, and cutting the hair too short can make that difficult until it grows out. A baby haircut for a boy can range from very short to a longer style that is spiked up or styled.

Before having a baby's hair cut into a style that requires time, hair gel, or a lot of care, consider how much time you want to spend each day styling the hair. Another thing to keep in mind is how easily you can comb or brush the child's hair; longer styles may be more difficult to comb, especially if the hair is wavy or curly. If your child's hair tangles easily, a shorter baby haircut may be more comfortable for both of you.

To get the best cut, choose a baby haircut that suits the age of your baby and keeps the hair from getting in the child's eyes. If it is your baby's first haircut, you may also wish to save a small lock of hair as a keepsake. Some salons offer a special certificate commemorating a first trim, so the event can be marked as a milestone in your baby's growth.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book