How do I Choose the Best Assessment Software?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Assessment software is any kind of software that allows you to author and score tests. These programs tend to be used by trainers and educators who need to test the proficiency of students and trainees. In order to choose the best assessment software, it can first be helpful to determine if you are creating tests designed to be administered on paper, via the Internet, or to be used in a Local Area Network (LAN), a network of computers, servers, and other components in an office or institution. Factors such as offered features and price should also come into consideration when choosing the best software.

Different professionals may have a variety of needs when it comes to choosing the best assessment software. Teachers who work in environments where not every student has access to a computer may benefit most from software that allows them to develop paper tests. This software may also offer data entry and graphing capabilities that allow a user to record and analyze student performances. A capability such as this can be helpful to instructors who are trying to determine the strengths and areas of concern in various class sections.

Online education is a common option for students at all academic levels. If you are an instructor who is responsible for online classes, the best assessment software may allow you to post assessments on the Internet. This software also may include an automatic scoring system for questions that have fixed answers, making the grading process much easier.

Many human resource professionals and trainers prefer assessment software that is accessed through a LAN. This kind of network is normally closed to outside users, meaning that sensitive information is protected and may only be accessed through the organization's network. Trainers may also choose to use Internet tests that require users to enter passwords prior to access.

A wide variety of features are available with the many versions of assessment software on the market.Features among different kinds of assessment software vary. The best software is probably the one that makes your job easiest. For example, human resource trainers who must test personalities of potential employees may prefer software with pre-written questions developed by specialists. Teachers might benefit from software that provides templates for various kinds of tests. In most cases, the best software contains an automatic scoring function.

The prices of assessment software also vary. Individuals who have highly specialized needs might find it beneficial to pay a little more for programs that provide exactly the features they need. Professionals who are seeking only basic features, such as templates and automatic scoring, may find that they can pay less for reliable software.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer