How Do I Choose the Best Artistic Photographers?

Dan Cavallari

If you are in need of artistic photographers for an assignment, event, or other purpose, the first step in choosing the best ones will be determining what kinds of photographs you want taken. Consider the event or people you want photographed, what you will do with the photographs once they are taken, and how much you are willing to spend to have them taken before you begin your search for artistic photographers. Many professionals now have photo portfolios online, and you can start finding the professional who is right for you by perusing such portfolios to find the style and themes that fit you best.

Artistic photographers may be required for magazine shots.
Artistic photographers may be required for magazine shots.

You may want to narrow down your search by hiring artistic photographers in your area only. Some photographers are willing to travel to do an assignment, but it is likely that such photographers will end up being more expensive, as you may be responsible for their transportation and lodging. Local photographers can schedule your shoot ahead of time and will not have to travel far to get to you, so they may end up saving you money. If the artistic photographers in your area have studios, it may be worth dropping in so you can peruse their portfolios, talk about rates, and meet the photographers to find out if you will be comfortable working with them.

Artistic photographers have different settings in mind to capture different moments.
Artistic photographers have different settings in mind to capture different moments.

Sometimes it is necessary to hire artistic photographers for advertising campaigns, magazine shoots, catalog photos, and so on. If this is why you need artistic photographers, you can tap into contacts within the publishing world to find recommendations, or you can begin searching for photographers by doing a search on the Internet. Very often, the choice of which photographers are best will come down to your examination of individual portfolios, combined with which photographers can offer you the best price.

Of course, you will want to work with a photographer who is professional, punctual, knowledgeable, and likable. Many professionals pride themselves on their interactions with customers, while others would much rather just take the photos and be done with it. Decide which type of photographer will work best for you before booking a shoot. It is also important to ensure the photographer has access to all the necessary equipment for taking high quality artistic photographs. Be sure to ask the photographer about his or her equipment and studio, as well as any assistants he or she will bring to a shoot.

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