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How do I Choose the Best Architecture Distance Learning Program?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

An architecture distance learning course will allow you to obtain an architecture degree without actually attending an on-site location, thereby broadening your options for the best quality education. To choose the best architecture distance learning course, start by choosing programs that cover the topics of architecture in which you are interested. If you are interested in a certain type of architecture, research the best programs specific to those areas. Eliminate non-accredited institutions as possibilities, as they may become a liability after the degree is completed and you are searching for a job. Consider your budget and research financial aid options before settling on an architecture distance learning program for you.

Architecture coursework will require that you have or can obtain certain computer programs. Be sure you either have the programs required for the degree program or have some way of obtaining them. Find out if the architecture distance learning program can get you the programs for free or for a reduced fee. Make sure the programs are using up-to-date software and programs both for the architecture-specific applications as well as for the day to day classwork. This includes the way classes are conducted: many classes are conducted via online message boards exclusively, while others may include streaming media such as audio and video, mp3 downloads, podcasts, and interactive websites. The best architecture distance learning programs will utilize current technologies to make communication with instructors quick and easy.

A woman taking an architecture distance learning class.
A woman taking an architecture distance learning class.

Non-accredited institutions should be eliminated from consideration as your architecture distance learning provider. Accreditation is the process of evaluation done by an independent agency; the agency will grant accreditation if the institution has demonstrated its ability to deliver instruction that is high quality, and its ability to grant degrees that are respected and valued by employers and other educational institutions. Attending a non-accredited institution could eliminate your eligibility for certain types of financial aid, and it may make transferring earned credits to other institutions more difficult.

Some architecture distance learning programs may require you to do on-site work, either at the institution itself or at other job sites. Be sure to find out what the requirements are for each program you are considering, and keep in mind that it may be difficult or impossible to avoid on-site work at some point. Many distance learning institutions make accommodations for people who are far away from the institution itself, and it may be possible to set up on-site job training or instruction at a location closer to you.

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    • A woman taking an architecture distance learning class.
      By: goodluz
      A woman taking an architecture distance learning class.