How do I Choose the Best Antique Victorian Chairs?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Victorian furniture is commonly constructed out of mahogany wood.
Victorian furniture is commonly constructed out of mahogany wood.

If you enjoy the traditional look for your home, antique Victorian chairs may excite you since they can be both functional and attractive. Before you choose the best kind for your home, you should consider whether you will be sitting in it, or using it mainly as décor, as this will determine how comfortable it needs to be. Of course, even if you do plan to sit in it frequently, it needs to match your home's appearance since it will also serve as a decoration. Finally, you should consider whether any part of the chair has been replaced or refurbished, as this can lower its value, though it may enhance its appearance.

Not everyone plans to use antique Victorian chairs as seating, as some people collect them solely for decoration. If this is your plan, then you should probably only worry about its appearance, as it will likely rarely be touched. On the other hand, if you want it to work as a functional piece of furniture in your home, you should take comfort into consideration. Make sure the seat is wide enough for guests to comfortably sit on, and consider whether the back is sufficiently padded. If possible, sit in the chair before you buy it, or at least run your hand over it to make sure that it seems comfortable.

Antique Victorian chairs often look best in homes with traditional décor, as they usually include wood, richly colored upholstery, and ornate carvings. If your home has a modern or minimalist look to it, Victorian chairs may not match well. Of course, not all antique Victorian chairs complement every home that features a classic look, as the wood tones and colors often vary. For example, if most of your furniture and decorations include cherry wood and a deep red shade, you should try to find a Victorian chair that looks similar.

Some people collect antique Victorian chairs so that they can sell them at a later date, while others are genuinely interested in using them regularly. If you plan to sell the chair you choose, it is important to note that most buyers are willing to pay top price for chairs in their original condition. This means that fading colors, deep scratches, and uneven wood are often fine, and do not need to be repaired. On the other hand, some antique Victorian chairs have been fixed up at some point, featuring uniform wood that shines, and upholstery that is in great condition. Such details may signal that improvements have been made over time, or even that the item is a modern replica, which may be a positive trait when it comes to displaying the chair in your home.

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    • Victorian furniture is commonly constructed out of mahogany wood.
      Victorian furniture is commonly constructed out of mahogany wood.