How do I Choose the Best Anthropology Graduate School?

K. Testa
K. Testa
Some schools grant dual degrees, such as anthropology and sociology.
Some schools grant dual degrees, such as anthropology and sociology.

Choosing the best anthropology graduate school can be a difficult decision, but answering some basic questions while researching programs can often help someone decide on his best option. The first step is to find programs that interest you and determine whether you have fulfilled the prerequisites for applying to them. You can then learn more about the characteristics of certain schools, and decide whether the courses interest you, and if you have the time to commit to a program. A related strategy when deciding on an anthropology graduate school could be to contact alumni, as well as potential employers, to get their opinions on specific schools. Yet another concern when choosing a graduate school might be affordability, since most people want to investigate program costs and financial aid that might be available.

When researching schools, it often helps to find programs you like, and then determine whether you have fulfilled certain prerequisites. Higher education information is widely available. You can contact the schools directly to ask them to mail you their application forms. With the wealth of educational information on the Internet today, most graduate programs are likely to have their details available online. In addition to school websites, there are several comprehensive sites that provide graduate school rankings and other related facts.

Once you have narrowed down your selection of schools, the next step may be to get more specific details about the courses offered, and about other program requirements. Graduate programs can vary in length, and many of them have both full-time and part-time options. Still others offer online classes, which could provide some flexibility in scheduling one’s course of study. Potential students also may want to know about requirements beyond traditional classroom study. For instance, some programs include an internship or some other form of practical experience.

When contemplating graduate school training, it could help to explore potential career paths in the field of anthropology. Some schools grant combination or dual degrees, such as anthropology and sociology. Others offer a general major in anthropology with a concentration in a more specialized field, like archeology. Related questions to consider are whether the current job market is strong and what types of skills are in demand. This information could help predict your potential to earn a particular salary.

Another way to get more information about a specific anthropology graduate school is to find people who are familiar with the program. Graduates and current students are often willing to share their opinions and personal experiences with applicants. Professionals in your field of interest are another possible resource. They can share relevant information about employment options and working conditions. In addition, potential employers can describe the qualifications that they seek when hiring anthropology school graduates.

A final, yet potentially important, question could be whether you can afford to attend a particular anthropology graduate school. Most people start by estimating the total program cost, and then figure out how much they can afford to pay on their own. Graduate school scholarships and loans are often available for students who need financial assistance. The aid might come from the school itself, or from an outside funding source, such as a bank. In the United States, scholarships and loans are often available from the government, as long as the school is accredited.

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    • Some schools grant dual degrees, such as anthropology and sociology.
      By: Gekon
      Some schools grant dual degrees, such as anthropology and sociology.