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How do I Choose the Best Adjustable Thermostat?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

An old thermostat can significantly increase an energy bill, especially when the homeowner is away or asleep, because it uses up unnecessary energy. With an adjustable thermostat, it is possible to program the device to switch off whenever no one is at home. The thermostat should allow several changes in settings per day and be adjustable for every day of the week to suit a family’s schedule. A thermostat of this nature may not be required if a family member is in the house for most of the day. Buy an easy to understand thermostat to gain the most benefit.

An adjustable thermostat is generally a good way to save money on an energy bill. These devices are programmable which means they can turn off the heat or air conditioning when not needed. It is estimated that a thermostat of this nature can reduce cooling costs by up to 20%. This can ensure that the extra money spent on the adjustable thermostat is repaid in full within a few months.

An adjustable thermostat.
An adjustable thermostat.

Purchase an adjustable thermostat that is easy to understand and install. An increasing number of thermostats have digital displays. These can sometimes be difficult to read. Failure to fully understand the product's features or programming modes means the user will not get all the benefits. Purchase a thermostat that has a backup battery. This will ensure the program in use will be saved if a power outage occurs.

An adjustable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.
An adjustable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.

Look for products that enable the user to change the temperature at least four times during the day. Avoid choosing an adjustable thermostat that does not allow manual overrides. Also, pick a product that has a vacation setting as this essentially overrides the daily settings while the homeowner is away. Do not leave the thermostat temperature at a high level when leaving the home if pets are left behind. Families that have at least one member at home for most of the day will not get much benefit from an adjustable thermostat.

Only purchase an adjustable thermostat that is easy to understand. There is no point buying an advanced model and not knowing how to use it properly. It is only possible to save money on an energy bill through knowledge of how best to use the thermostat. For example, it is a good idea to increase the temperature by a few degrees when away from the home in summer. A large number of people are unaware that in an eight-hour period, every degree the adjustable thermostat is raised in the summer decreases the cooling bill by one percent.

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    • An adjustable thermostat.
      By: Bill Bradford
      An adjustable thermostat.
    • An adjustable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.
      By: Steve Cukrov
      An adjustable thermostat may help reduce heating costs.