How do I Choose the Best Acne Rosacea Treatment?

Alex Paul
Alex Paul
Topical treatment may be recommended in addition to other options.
Topical treatment may be recommended in addition to other options.

The best acne rosacea treatment depends on the severity of your condition. In mild cases, treatment may not be required because the condition can easily be covered or ignored. For more severe cases, you should try to control outbreaks by determining what triggers them. Some common triggers are stress, alcohol, and exposure to sunlight. Other acne rosacea treatment options can include antibiotics and laser therapy.

Acne rosacea is a condition that occurs when blood vessels in the skin become swollen. The cause of acne rosacea is unknown. There are certain things that make a person more likely to suffer from the condition, but the lack of knowledge about the true cause is one of the reasons why there is currently no cure. People with fair skin are thought to be more likely to develop the problem, and it is more common among women.

Even though the cause of the condition isn’t understood, it’s possible to identify triggers that cause flare-ups in individuals. Once discovered, acne rosacea treatment focuses on removing these triggers from your life as much as possible. There are a number of potential triggers for acne rosacea, however, which can make discovering the ones that affect you difficult.

Some possible triggers for acne rosacea include exposure to sunlight, stress, spicy foods, regular exercise in hot or humid conditions, and alcohol. There are a variety of others, however, which is why it’s important to find out the ones that apply to you. An effective way of discovering your triggers is to keep a diary of your activities and when flare-ups occur. If you can spot a pattern, then acne rosacea treatment becomes much easier.

Aside from avoiding triggers, there are several other acne rosacea treatment options. Certain types of antibiotics, such as metronidazole, can reduce inflammation and redness on the skin. Many of the medications prescribed for acne rosacea treatment are topical, which means they are applied directly to the skin rather than taken orally, although there are a few exceptions.

In some cases, laser acne rosacea treatment may be suitable to address the condition. This involves focusing an intense beam of light on the red patches. The laser heats up capillaries in the skin and damages them. Once the capillaries are damaged, the body removes them naturally, thereby resulting in reduced redness. Laser therapy is expensive and often needs to be repeated when the capillaries return, however.

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    • Topical treatment may be recommended in addition to other options.
      By: picsfive
      Topical treatment may be recommended in addition to other options.