How do I Choose the Best Abdominal Toning Belt?

Erin J. Hill

You can choose the best abdominal toning belt by researching each option and determining what type of belt you want to use. Some belts claim to work the stomach muscles similar to doing sit-ups or crunches, while others provide heat to the area in order to help the body burn more calories while engaging in exercise or other activities. The effectiveness of each type and each belt may vary, so it is advised that you choose carefully.

An abdominal belt may be worn during exercises to achieve a trimmer abdomen.
An abdominal belt may be worn during exercises to achieve a trimmer abdomen.

Most consumers like the idea of toning their abdominal muscles without having to endure hours of stomach exercises. One type of abdominal toning belt promises the same results you’d get with regular sit-ups and crunches, but without having to do anything aside from wearing the belt. These products work by sending impulses into the abdomen and contracting the muscles artificially. While this concept sounds appealing, these belts have not been shown to work in most cases. In some rare cases, the belt may actually cause injury by over-stimulating the ab muscles.

Abdominal toning belts are meant to provide the same results that would be obtained by doing sit-ups or crunches.
Abdominal toning belts are meant to provide the same results that would be obtained by doing sit-ups or crunches.

Another type of abdominal toning belt works by adding heat to the stomach muscles, allowing you to burn more calories as you go about regular activities. The heat helps the muscles to work harder, but it does not do the work for you as other belts claim to do. This type of belt may have some validity to it, although you will still have to exercise in order to lose an significant amount of weight.

To choose which type of belt you want to use, start by reading up on each option online or speaking to a sale representative at your local sporting goods or department store. Online you can read customer reviews written by people who have purchased the abdominal toning belt you are interesting in and get a better idea of how well it works. Whether shopping via Internet or online, be sure that the belt you choose has some sort of return policy in place in case you are not happy with your purchase. This will allow you to return it for another option.

Be sure to use the abdominal toning belt as directing to prevent injury or damage to the product in case you wish to make a return later. If you have any doubt about a product’s safety or validity, speak with a doctor or fitness trainer to learn more about the belt you are interested in buying. Should you still have any doubts, talk to the manufacturer for safety information.

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I don't know, but I think some of the abdominal belts I see advertised on television might actually do what they claim to do. I mean, there has to be some truth to the ads, or else they wouldn't be able to get them on television. I'm not saying that simply wearing the belts will be enough, but it couldn't hurt, right?


@Drentel - I have to agree with you about the abdominal belts. Whenever I hear the term abdominal belt, I think of those old electric abdominal toning belt machines that were supposed to work the fat off of your stomach. Instead, those machines basically made your belly shake like jelly and did absolutely nothing to help you drop pounds.

I work out at the gym regularly, I play sports, and I eat somewhat healthy and I still don't have six-pack abs or a washboard stomach. The bottom line is that you really have to do the work to stay in shape and maintain your health. As far as I am concerned, staying in shape isn't meant to be easy, but it is very rewarding when you do the things you need to do, and then you can see the positive results.


After reading this article, I am more convinced than ever that these abdominal belts don't do half of what most of them are advertised to do. The one that adds heat to the midsection may help a little, but as the article says, the person wearing the belt is still going to have to work out and burn the calories needed to lose weight.

If losing weight and having a flat stomach were as simple as buying and wearing an abdominal belt then 99 percent of the people in the world would have flat stomachs. And in case you haven't looked lately, the percentage of toned flat stomachs in the world is nowhere near 99 percent.

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