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How Do I Choose the Best 4x4 ATV?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

An all-terrain vehicle, commonly known as a 4x4 ATV, is a four wheel drive vehicle designed specifically for off-road use. To choose the best 4x4 ATV for you, you will first need to determine how you are most likely to use the vehicle, since different types of ATVs are designed for specific uses. If you are a hunter, for example, you will want a larger ATV that is stable, able to haul a trailer, able to haul items on a rack, and so on. An ATV racer will need a different style of ATV altogether, one that is lightweight and maneuverable.

Once you have determined what kind of 4x4 ATV you need, you should decide if you will be buying new or used. The criteria for purchasing a new ATV is quite similar to that of buying a used one, though you may need to ask different questions of the seller depending on what type of 4x4 ATV you are buying. If you are buying new, for example, you will need to ask the seller about any warranties included with the purchase of the vehicle, whereas if you are buying used, a warranty is not likely to be included with the purchase. You will need to ask the seller, however, about the repair history on the vehicle as well as the maintenance history to get a better understanding of the overall condition of the vehicle.

When buying a new or used 4x4 ATV, test ride it before purchasing.
When buying a new or used 4x4 ATV, test ride it before purchasing.

Hunters and people who will be working in the wilderness will want to consider a 4x4 ATV with hauling capabilities. Such ATVs often also feature winch systems to help free the ATV should it get stuck in mud or other treacherous situations. Take note as to whether the ATV includes a winch at purchase; if it does not, remember that you will more than likely need to purchase one after you buy the ATV, which will add to the overall price of the vehicle. Look for other accessories as well, such as awnings, storage racks, gun racks, or any other accessories you are likely to use regularly.

Test ride the 4x4 ATV before purchasing. Take note of its handling, its power capabilities, and the ease with which you can shift through the gears if it is a standard transmission. If it is an automatic transmission, check the throttle for ease of use, as well as the other features and functions you are likely to use regularly, including braking systems.

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    • When buying a new or used 4x4 ATV, test ride it before purchasing.
      By: stoffies
      When buying a new or used 4x4 ATV, test ride it before purchasing.