How Do I Choose the Best 3G Internet?

Micah MacBride

Wireless Internet networks allows computer users with the appropriate adapters to access the world wide web when they are out of range of a cord. 3G Internet allows the users of laptops, smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access their email and favorite websites when they are outside the range of any wifi network. Selecting the best 3G Internet provider is an individual decision, which must take into consideration factors such as service areas, plan prices, and product selection.

3G internet made smart phones possible.
3G internet made smart phones possible.

3G Internet refers to the third generation of cellular data networks. The first generation cellular networks were exclusively for voice communications, while the second generation was capable of transmitting some data. The third generation of cellular networks had robust support for data, which allowed 3G-capable devices to browse the Internet. This technology paved the way for the development of smart phones and other mobile, Internet-capable devices.

Tablet computers may be used to access 3G internet.
Tablet computers may be used to access 3G internet.

Mobile Internet services are provided by individual telecommunications companies. These businesses own their own network infrastructure and sell products that are capable of accessing their 3G network. The geographical areas in which customers can access a service provider's 3G Internet varies from company to company. Many carriers allow customers to use their mobile Internet in densely-populated, urban areas, but each company may or may not have the network capability to allow customers in more sparsely populated areas to access the Internet. It is for this reason that prospective 3G Internet customers should study the areas that each carrier services, or covers, and ensure that the regions in which they will be living or traveling are adequately covered.

3G Internet carriers have different service plans and pricing for mobile Internet access. Some companies charge high prices for transmitting an unlimited amount of data to and from the Internet on 3G devices, while others have small price tags but strict limits on how much data customers can use. Individuals who are shopping for a 3G service provider must examine plans from different carriers to see which one offers the amount of data usage they need, at the lowest price.

Different customers will be using different products on a carrier's 3G network. Some people only use a smart phone, while others use tablet devices, and some other customers may need adapters that allow laptops to access the Internet through a 3G connection. Different mobile Internet providers offer different products, from which customers can choose, so individuals looking for a 3G carrier should make sure that the carrier they select covers the areas they need, has a price they can afford, and offers the products they need to use.

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