How Do I Choose between an Epilator or Waxing?

Alex Tree

You can choose between an epilator or waxing by thinking about the costs of both, your pain tolerance, and your preference when it comes to removing unwanted hair yourself. In general, an epilator is something you need to purchase only once for an unlimited amount of unwanted hair removals, while waxing is something you must purchase again and again. Pain tolerance also comes into play in this decision because waxing is often considered very painful, but it all happens at once, unlike epilating. In addition, most salons offer waxing, while few offer electrical epilating services, which might be a deal breaker for people who do not want to remove unwanted hair themselves.


An epilator is a one-time purchase after which you can remove unwanted hair any time, free of charge. The exception to this rule is if you buy a battery-operated epilator, in which case you will have to occasionally buy batteries for it. Of course, an epilator can always die or break, but a sturdy device that is well cared for can last many years. Both waxing do-it-yourself style and professional services require multiple purchases every year for either waxing kits or a professional’s time and expertise. If you want to save time or money, buying an epilator instead of waxing might be the best choice.

A woman with waxed legs.
A woman with waxed legs.

Both using an epilator and waxing are known to cause pain when removing unwanted hair. An epilator usually covers a smaller area than wax strips, however, and pulls your hair out one by one. Some people would prefer to experience the pain all at once rather than having to experience a milder pain for a much longer period of time. If you feel this way, consider investing in a waxing kit or getting a professional wax job every few weeks. Also keep in mind that epilators can pinch the skin if used improperly, resulting in small bleeding wounds.

If you prefer to have someone remove unwanted hair for you, waxing is generally the way to go. Most professionals who are trained in hair removal use wax or lasers rather than epilators. Therefore, you are more likely to always have someone nearby who can perform the job for you if you choose waxing over epilating. This is not a critical choice regarding using an epilator or waxing, however, because there is usually at least one person willing to exchange his or her services for a fair price. Remember that choosing between an epilator or waxing is a personal choice.

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