How do I Choose a Web Design College?

Vicki Hogue-Davies
Vicki Hogue-Davies
Web design can be part of broader information technology or graphic design programs.
Web design can be part of broader information technology or graphic design programs.

To choose a web design college, you might first consider how much time you want to invest in school and how you plan to apply your education. Certificate programs and two- and four-year degrees can be found in web design at community colleges, art and technical schools and four-year colleges and universities. Specific programs in web design from traditional, campus-based colleges and universities are not as common, but there are four-year online programs available in the subject from professional schools. Many traditional four-year colleges and universities do offer web design classes as part of a broader graphic design or information technology curriculum.

When looking at web design colleges, think about the career you'd like to have. A broader-based, four-year degree that provides a more well-rounded education might make you more attractive to some employers than a more specialized two-year degree or college certificate program. For example, if you'd like to work for a large manufacturing company's creative department, a bachelor's degree might be a requirement. If you plan to start your own web design business or work for a small graphic design firm, a two-year degree or certificate program that is very hands-on in teaching web design tools and methods might be the way to go.

The focus of the program is also a consideration. If you are more of a creative type, a web design program through an art college might be a good fit. For programmer and techie types, a web design college that teaches how to develop websites along with programming and other technical areas might be the better fit.

Web design technology is continually advancing, so it is important to research web design college programs you are interested in to discover how up to date the training is in the field. Also, if you will be attending classes on campus, consider how often the web design college updates its own computer technology. Another point to consider when choosing a web design college is whether the instructors in schools you are interested in are or have been working professionals in the web design field. Instructors with hands-on experience might be better able to teach students how to translate what they learn to real-world careers.

Also, you might wish to consider what kind of internship opportunities are provided, if any, and the school's record of helping place graduates in jobs. Other very important practical considerations when selecting a web design college include the cost of the school and its geographic location. Even some online programs might require occasional face-to-face meetings. Schedule flexibility and class availability are other considerations, especially if you also are working at a part-time or full-time job. Colleges that cater to working students often design programs around the schedules of their students, meaning more evening classes and even weekend classes.

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    • Web design can be part of broader information technology or graphic design programs.
      Web design can be part of broader information technology or graphic design programs.