How do I Choose a DMV Approved Traffic School?

Erin J. Hill

You may find yourself looking for a department of motor vehicles (DMV) approved traffic school for a variety of reasons, most commonly due to traffic violations such as speeding. Finding approved schools should not be difficult, as long as you do a little background research on each option. To get started, ask someone at your local DMV branch about ways to find a DMV approved traffic school. He or she may give you a list of options, or direct you to a website where lists are available for your location.

People who commit moving violations may be forced to or choose to attend traffic school.
People who commit moving violations may be forced to or choose to attend traffic school.

When looking for the right DMV approved traffic school, it is important to remember that approved schools will likely advertise this fact. Any school offering accelerated learning times in comparison with most other schools you are considering should be avoided. The time a student must attend classes is generally dictated by law to ensure that students learn all necessary driving concepts. This helps to ensure that new drivers, or drivers with an unclean history, are safe behind the wheel.

In some rare cases, however, an accelerated program may be available for certain drivers. This usually includes those with minor offenses that can be easily remedied. Before going with any of these options, however, be sure that you are dealing with a DMV approved traffic school.

Speak with instructors at each DMV approved traffic school to get an idea of what you might expect from classes. Each school may do things a little differently, so you'll want to find an option that fits your schedule and personality. If you have other obligations, such as children, a job, or school; you may need to find a driving school that offers night or weekend classes, or even classes online.

Most schools will likely have similar prices, but there are some instances when a higher fee may be charged. If the instructors have additional or specialized training, they may demand higher fees for more targeted services. Offenses such as driving while intoxicated may require a different, more intense form of DMV approved traffic school.

Those with revoked licenses due to felony charges may need additional classes to help deal with any underlying issues that may inhibit driving performance and safety. These can include drug or alcohol rehab, counseling sessions, or specialized driving courses which focus on targeted issues. All of these classes must be completed in conjunction with driving school courses to obtain a driver's license.

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