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How Do I Begin Organizational Consulting?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

An organizational consultant helps managers, executives, and other organizational leaders solve problems that are systemic in business organizations. If an executive, for instance, feels that the morale of his or her employees is too low, he can hire a consultant to create new guidelines, practices, and organizational structures that can have a positive impact on employee perception. To start organizational consulting, you should first study a field such as human resources management or psychology. An organizational consulting professional tends to have an aptitude for working with others and facilitating processes so that all parties are welcome and valued.

If you are interested in starting an organizational consulting career, you should also earn a graduate degree. Graduate programs usually provides students with valuable clinical or field experience. For instance, if you study for a postgraduate degree in counseling, you also should get experience mediating conflict resolution and other related practices. This kind of experience can do much to strengthen your resume.

Woman posing
Woman posing

After earning your degrees, consider getting some professional experience that prepares you for this specific career. In other words, apply for human resources positions so you can get some practice dealing with employee issues and completing paperwork, such as for insurance or other benefits. You should also consider earning professional human resources certification. In order to earn this certificate, you will probably have to get several years of work experience, complete several professional development courses, and pass a proficiency exam. This kind of certification is required by many employers hiring organizational consulting professionals.

Organizational consultants tend either to work for consulting firms or in the employee development departments of companies. The career path you choose depends largely on your preferences and skills. For example, if you are the kind of person who likes to learn one system and perfect it, and you enjoy working with the same people again and again, you might want to consider an employee development department. In these positions, you have the ability to influence company policy and train and assess employees. You might also give presentations and conduct periodic training sessions.

Individuals who practice organizational consulting for firms may enjoy facing different challenges. These consultants often have more experience, since they often have spent years advising leaders from different industries and fields. Consultants who work for firms might find that each client brings a fresh set of problems and new solutions that broaden their knowledge.

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