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How Do I Become an Underground Electrician?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh

It is necessary to have education and training in the field in order to become an underground electrician. An apprenticeship is usually required to learn the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow you to do the job correctly. This job entails working underground with power lines, cables, and electrical wiring in order to help create infrastructures, so you have to be capable of working with your hands as well as with other people. Understanding how to solve problems will help you gain an edge when getting hired and working as an electrician. Certification is required to become an underground electrician in some places, so it is important to check on these guidelines before beginning work.

Electricians of all kinds undergo apprenticeship training in order to gain the skills they need to get hired for a job. These programs generally last for four years and include hands-on training combined with classroom learning. Apprenticeship programs can be found throughout the world through electrical unions, electrical contracting companies, and electrical associations. It is necessary to have a high school diploma to enter into these training programs.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

During training to become an underground electrician, you will study electrical currents, electrical equipment, and how to repair existing electrical structures. A certain amount of science and mathematics is required so that you are able to read plans and understand voltage. At the beginning of the training, you will focus on the basics of installation, but as you become more advanced, you will learn about creating plans and diagrams for underground electrical systems.

In order to become an underground electrician, you need to be able to handle small wiring and equipment with your hands. This requires agility and good eyesight because you will be in small locations underground in a variety of situations. Communication skills are important in order to deal with customers and employers, as well as co-workers on various projects. Problem solving is a helpful skill for an underground electrician, as it is important to be able to recognize potential problems and to deal with them as they occur.

Many places require certification before it is possible to become an underground electrician, so it is necessary to find out these regulations. If certification is required, you should find out if your apprenticeship program meets the standards so that you can take any necessary examinations upon completion. Regulations vary in different countries but you can check with a local government office to find out more details.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips