How Do I Become an Organization Specialist?

Sheri Cyprus

If you hope to become an organization specialist, you'll have to live the way you coach others in your work. Organization specialists don't simply go into peoples' homes or businesses to create systems to keep everything tidy. They coach their clients in the necessary skills and habits to maintain the new organizational system. In order to become an organization specialist who is well-regarded by clients and the industry, you have to apply your techniques to your own home. While you likely don't need formal training, creating a website showcasing your skills and joining a professional group for the organization industry in your country are excellent career steps.

Woman posing
Woman posing

For instance, in the United States, the National Association of Professional Organizers is a popular choice. Many American organization specialists list their membership in this association on their business websites. You should try to join a similar group in your country. Having a website in which potential clients can find you is also essential if you want to become an organization specialist. Showing clear "before and after" photographs on your website can be a great way of communicating what you do.

To get your earliest pictures, as well as needed practice in your field, you can offer to do friends' or family members' rooms for free if they'll let you post the "before and after" photographs on your organization specialist website. Try to have at least three different rooms with photos that clearly show a system to easily store and provide access to the belongings. You can also show some rooms in your own home if you want to add a personal touch to your company website. Getting business cards that include your website address as well as your phone number can help potential clients to contact you. Rather than advertising your rates as you start gaining more clients, ask that they contact you for a free estimate.

Giving your clients personal service is important, as their needs may be vastly different. Some clients may have a large house while others could live in a small apartment. One client with several children may need help with toy organization, while a single person who works at home may want a home office system. You should constantly be exploring and learning about effective concepts in layout designs, storage systems and efficient ways for different clients to access their belongs as well as keep them organized. As you work to become an organization specialist, it may be possible to promote your services on news lifestyle or better living segments on radio or TV shows.

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