How do I Become an Online Doctor?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

The steps needed to become an online doctor may vary according to where you live. If you live in the United States, you must first obtain a medical degree and become licensed to practice in your state. After doing so, you may become an online doctor by establishing a private practice and using encrypted software to communicate with patients or you may work for an outside company that currently supplies online medical services to patients in need.

In order to become an online doctor, it is important to research the laws that apply to giving online medical advice in the area where you live. You should also speak to colleagues who work as online doctors to learn the pros and cons involved with this type of work, as well as to obtain any advice from them about entering this type of practice. Technological advances have supported positive growth within this niche industry and there are many options available to you, which include providing services through your own practice or working with an established agency that is already providing medical services through online physicians and nurses.

If you decide to become an online doctor working in your own practice, it will be important to become personally acquainted with your patients and give each a thorough examination in person before allowing subsequent consultations online. You will also need a secure website and special software to communicate with your patients after you become an online doctor. While a private and secure email address will also be an important tool for your business, other tools such as a web camera, a private telephone line and a secure platform for live interactive web chats will also be crucial to your business. In fact, certain insurance companies that reimburse for online medical services often require the use of such equipment. Contact the insurance companies that you currently work with for specific information on the computer equipment you will need.

You may also choose to become an online doctor by working with a company that currently provides patient care over the Internet. Working with some of these companies, you may be hired to author health articles on various subjects or you may be asked to review articles for accuracy that were written by other authors. Other companies, however, specialize in online doctor visits and provide a variety of services to clients. You may become an online doctor with one of these companies by completing an application and undergoing an interview process.

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