How do I Become an Internet Copyright Lawyer?

N. Madison

The path you’ll have to follow to become an Internet copyright lawyer may depend on the jurisdiction in which you live. In many jurisdictions, however, aspiring lawyers have to graduate from high school or earn an equivalent diploma as the first step toward a career in law. Then, they typically have to attend college before going on to complete law school and pass a lawyer licensing exam as well. To prepare to practice Internet copyright law in particular, however, you may do well to take classes that focus on copyright issues, entertainment law, intellectual property, licensing, and legalities specific to the Internet. Interning with law firms that focus on copyright cases may prove helpful as well.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

The process of becoming an Internet copyright lawyer typically starts long before you begin law school. In most jurisdictions, you will have to start with earning a high school diploma or an equivalent credential that is recognized in your jurisdiction. While every class you take in high school may prove important to your acceptance to college, those that involve writing and public speaking may help you build a firm foundation for a career as a lawyer. This is due to the fact that written and verbal communication skills are both important in a legal career.

After high school, you will typically have to attend college and earn a degree in order to become an Internet copyright lawyer. You may choose just about any major to pursue, however. Most law schools do not require applicants to major in pre-law or related subjects. In fact, science and engineering majors often offer good preparation for people who will specialize in matters involving Internet copyrights.

In law school, you will typically take a range of courses that focus on different types of law as you prepare to become an Internet copyright lawyer. Taking classes that focus on intellectual property, entertainment, and copyrights may be particularly important as you prepare for this career. Trademark classes may also prove beneficial when you want to become an Internet copyright lawyer.

Internships may also help you prepare for a career as an Internet copyright lawyer. For example, you may secure an internship with a law firm that specializes in copyright law or at least focuses a significant portion of its practice on this type of law. Additionally, you may gain experience and boost your knowledge of Internet copyright issues by interning with companies that focus on entertainment, education, or business on the Internet.

Besides education and the experience you may gain through an internship, you will typically have to pass a law exam to be licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction. In many jurisdictions, the law exam you will have to pass is called the bar exam or something similar. Once you’ve passed this exam, you will be licensed to practice law and may seek employment as an Internet copyright lawyer.

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