How Do I Become an Integration Architect?

D. Nelson

Integration architects are information technology (IT) professionals who are responsible for planning the way technology is implemented and used in an organization's regular operations. It is common for integration architects to identify problems in an organization's current system then to design solutions that increase efficiency. These are the professionals responsible for mapping new infrastructures and project managing implementation of new systems, and they also might analyze and optimize systems once they have been fully implemented.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

To become an integration architect, it is important to get a strong academic background in fields such as information systems or computer engineering. A person who wants to become an integration architect also should get at least five years of experience working in IT departments. Ideally, this experience should be in the industry in which he or she would like to work.

A person who wants to become an integration architect needs to earn an undergraduate degree in a related field, and often times graduate degrees also are necessary. People who have these roles tend to be experts, meaning that they are deeply familiar with principles of infrastructure implementation and also keep up with developments in software and hardware in their respective industries. For this reason, regardless of which academic degree an integration architect has earned, it is common for him or her to participate in continual education and professional development. This means that he or she might join professional organizations, earn new certifications, and attend seminars and trade shows where he or she can learn about new advancements and network with others in a field.

To become an integration architect, it is essential to acquire a great deal of experience in IT support. Once you earn at least a year or two of experience as an assistant or junior architect, it is a good idea to begin applying for project management positions. In these positions, you can experience leading teams, following integration road maps, and optimizing current systems. A person who wants to become an integration architect should make it a point to gain as much responsibility as possible.

People who become integration architects must communicate with high level managers and executives, meaning that they must have experience that proves that they can be held accountable for the performances of their employees and the effectiveness of their infrastructure plans, as well as their execution. The resume for a person who wants to become an integration architect should highlight technical experience, but also should focus on communication skills. Integration architects need to be able to communicate both with experts and employees who may not understand IT jargon.

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