How Do I Become an Insurance Coordinator?

D. Nelson

To become an insurance coordinator, it can be helpful to spend several years working in the insurance industry. While no specific degrees or backgrounds are necessary for an individual who would like to work in this field, most employers require that their coordinators have a strong understanding of the industry. They also should be able to communicate clearly with professionals such as underwriters and insurance managers. An insurance coordinator may work often with clients by following up on claims, so excellent customer service skills often are required of an individual who would like to become an insurance coordinator.

Insurance coordinators are tasked with distributing relevant information to corresponding departments.
Insurance coordinators are tasked with distributing relevant information to corresponding departments.

An insurance coordinator is a professional who helps distribute information and projects to corresponding departments. For example, if a coordinator receives an email from a client stating that he or she still has not gotten premium rates for a plan, a coordinator can forward this information to an underwriter. An underwriter might then check his or her paperwork and communicate claim status with a coordinator, who can in turn report back to a client. In most cases, an insurance coordinator works directly for an insurance manager who may expect him or her to provide statements regarding general operations.

Educational qualifications necessary to become an insurance coordinator vary from company to company. Some employers may require that job applicants have only high school diplomas and a few years of experience in the insurance industry. Others may prefer job candidates who have undergraduate degrees. In most cases, however, individuals who have experience in the industry are at an advantage.

Aside from excellent customer service skills and a knowledge of the insurance industry, an individual who would like to become an insurance coordinator also can benefit from acquiring computer usage skills. Professionals in this field should be comfortable learning new data entry and retrieval systems. He or she also should be able to send, receive, and organize emails.

A great way to become an insurance coordinator is to begin in an entry level insurance position. Customer service representatives help clients who would like to file claims or who are interested in learning more about services. These individuals communicate with the public via telephone and email then direct them to the correct departments or professionals. This kind of a position can offer a good opportunity to learn about the duties of various insurance departments and typical claims processes.

Most employers who are seeking insurance coordinators ask for resumes from all applicants. This document normally is a page long and contains a list of instances of educational and professional experience. Under each listing you can document skills that you used or acquired. It can be a good idea to list skills that are relevant to a coordinator position.

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