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How Do I Become an Installation Developer?

L.K. Blackburn
L.K. Blackburn

Companies hire installation developers who have earned an undergraduate degree in computer science and gained experience in creating software installation packages. To become an installation developer, you should master multiple computer programming languages and make yourself comfortable with a variety of software installation frameworks. Entry level installation developer positions can be obtained after working in basic software development and graduating from college.

Installation developers are responsible for creating the programs that install software on computers. The developers need to be well versed in working with multiple operating systems in order to create various installation programs. Programs created by developers are also used to deploy software packages across a large number of computers and servers. Scripting languages and programming languages are used to create software installation programs, so it necessary to be comfortable working with a variety of languages to become an installation developer.

Woman posing
Woman posing

A computer science degree is usually a prerequisite to become an installation developer, though if you have many of years of experience working in software development this many not be necessary. Some companies may require applicants to have an earned a master's degree before they are hired, while others will want you to have an undergraduate degree combined with many years of experience creating installation programs. While in college earning your degree, you should prepare to become an installation developer by working with common software installation frameworks and learning different programming languages. Many undergraduate programs focus in on only one or two languages throughout the years, so you may need to branch out and learn additional languages on your own.

Your first job out of college will likely be in a entry level software development position. To become an installation developer, you should this time to your advantage and learn how to work within the company's development framework. After you have gained experience and proven yourself as an adept problem solver, you can begin to look for work within your company helping with the creation of installation routines for the software that is being written. From there, you should be able to eventually apply for a specific installation developer position.

Installation developers need to work well by themselves and as part of a greater team. Long hours on projects may be necessary as deadlines are approached. You can advance in the field from developer to team leader after spending time working for the same company. Online classified websites and job boards are good places to look for opportunities to become an installation developer, provided you have the required education and job history.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing