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How do I Become an Information Technology Manager?

Angela Reinholz
Angela Reinholz

A person who wants to become an information technology manager, or IT manager, must have many skills. These skills include, first and foremost, a sound knowledge of computer technology and other forms of data management. Other important skills include business management, organizational skills, and strong leadership. A viable IT manager candidate will also be on top — and stay on top — of the latest computer and technology trends.

Education is critical for those who want to become an information technology manager. Managers need at least a bachelor’s degree in information technology and can benefit from additional business management classes. The business management classes will help with leadership skills, learning to work with others as a team, communication skills, and dealing with conflict in the work place, all of which are skills that any type of manager will need. An additional two-year master’s degree in business administration (MBA) will help bring additional skills to the table and show a prospective employer that a person is serious about wanting to break into IT management. Aside from the typical higher education degrees, one should also consider seeking certification indicating he has thorough knowledge of particular computer operating systems and common programming.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

A person who wants to become an information technology manager can break into the field of management by proving himself in entry-level IT positions. Two examples of entry-level positions are field technicians and help desk operators. It takes time to prove oneself in the field. A person who shows he is organized, willing to work, and capable of going above and beyond the normal tasks might be asked to take on more responsibilities.

Building personal connections with others who work in the information technology field is another tip for a person who wants to become an information technology manager. A person should consider joining professional groups associated with the information technology industry, networking at job fairs that cater to business and information technology, and promoting his skills by placing a resume online at various job websites. He also can consider cold-calling companies to see if they are hiring, asking previous employers for letters of recommendation, and building up a portfolio of positive past job experiences and any awards won during previous jobs. A person who shows he has the skills, knowledge and work ethic to do the job properly will likely find it relatively easy to become an information technology manager.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer