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How Do I Become an Information Security Consultant?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Information security consultants are individuals who are skilled at keeping their companies’ computer systems immune to technical attack or abuse that could put the business’ private information at risk. An individual who wants to become an information security consultant must complete four years of university training and acquire industry experience. These types of experts have to have solid computer skills and be good at problem-solving. Strong communication skills and the capacity to be detail-oriented also are invaluable in this position.

A person who desires to become an information security consultant should consider earning a bachelor’s degree in this field. This type of program lasts four years, and entering one requires that you submit a copy of your high school course transcript to your chosen college’s admissions team and complete an enrollment form. In addition, the school will ask you to turn in your high school diploma or the equivalent certification, as well as scores from any standardized tests that you have taken.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Information technology training programs provide you with a foundation on how computers work so that you can improve their ability to resist security breaches. For instance, you will study how computer hardware and operating systems function as well as how a computer’s network and Internet is set up, which is part of the unit’s infrastructure. Courses on these topics are relevant to a person who wishes to become an information security consultant because this type of individual is responsible for recommending design changes to computer infrastructures when indicated.

Other necessary courses in the computer protection field teach you multiple ways to keep computer systems safe from outside threats. For example, you should learn about defense techniques such as using firewalls, which are programs that protect a computer’s network from other unauthorized computer network users. In addition, classes address intrusion detection systems, which identify activities that point to network attacks by outside computer users or even the wrongful use of networks by a company’s internal employees. You need to master these concepts to help organizations pinpoint risks to their technology systems and recommend solutions to protect sensitive company information.

As part of your bachelor’s degree program in network safety, you should pursue an internship in the industry. An internship might not be required to graduate from college, but employers typically prefer job candidates who have some field experience. During your practical learning opportunity, you need to hone your skills with researching ways to make a company’s computer system more guarded and troubleshooting existing problems.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip