How do I Become an Industrial Engineering Technician?

Vicki Hogue-Davies
Vicki Hogue-Davies
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Industrial engineering technicians work in factories, warehouses and elsewhere analyzing workflow problems and other issues and helping implement solutions to improve efficiency. They typically work under the guidance of industrial engineers. Requirements to become an industrial engineering technician can range from on-the-job training to a four-year degree, depending on the hiring organization. Many industrial engineering technicians have formal training in industrial engineering, engineering technology or similar areas. Formal training might include coursework in topics such as manufacturing processes, industrial safety, industrial organization, blueprint reading and more.

You can begin preparing in high school to become an industrial engineering technician by taking classes in algebra, geometry, calculus, physics and other math and science subjects. Industrial engineering technicians also need strong reading comprehension skills and good writing abilities, so focusing on language arts courses also is helpful. Any classes offered in drafting, mechanical drawing or similar skills also will be valuable if you want to become an industrial engineering technician.

Computer skills are important if you want to become an industrial engineering technician. Gaining experience in computer-aided design and drafting and having a good understanding of word processing, spreadsheet, scheduling and database software is important. You can learn computer skills in high school classes, in youth summer camp programs, through vocational schools and at community colleges.

If you elect to gain higher education to become an industrial engineer, you can find certificate programs through vocational schools and community colleges or two- and four-year degree programs through colleges and universities. No matter what level of education you seek, look for a program that provides internship or apprenticeship opportunities to work in the field. A way to enhance your education in the field while also gaining possible contacts for future employment is to join student chapters of industrial and manufacturing engineering organizations. Some examples of such organizations in the United States include the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, the American Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Strong communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team are important qualities if you want to become an industrial engineering technician. An ability to focus on the big picture while not missing the small details will help you to identify and resolve problems as an industrial engineering technician. Having a healthy dose of creativity will aid you in design projects as well as in thinking up solutions to problems. Having good judgment will help ensure that you recommend and implement the best solutions.

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    • Woman posing
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